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Hazy Rooster

A cracking beer from Poland! — a month ago

Kwaśne Jabłko

Cydr Tropikalny 2017

Amber in colour, still and dry. Bruised orchard apples & yeasty aromas dominate, but there’s some exotic fruit & richness in the background. Great citrusy acidity, backed by some apples fruit - this is actually quite vinous in character. V. drinkable and refreshing. — 2 months ago

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Daniel Maquin

Daniel Maquin

Gdzie mogę to znaleźć? Chciałbym spróbować. Dziękuję ☺️
Jakub Kalinowski

Jakub Kalinowski

Ja kupiłem bezpośrednio w Kwaśnym Jabłku, na Warmii. Ale na ich profilu na fb jest adres do sklepu online i wzmianki o sklepach współpracujących.

MGM Mondo del Vino

Sopra Sasso Valpolicella Ripasso Corvina Blend 2014

This is a serious value (12,5€ or 16 USD in retail here in Poland) . Cherry, raisins, almonds very seductive nose. The palate is well balanced. Rather simple with some strong acid backbone, loads of ripe cherry with a sweet layer that bring some roundness to the overall feeling of this palate. Discreet tannins before a fresh finish with fruits. This is really easy going and confirming that I'm really into ripasso and amarone from veneto lately. I have a similar crush with it that I had a year ago with nice crus from Beaujolais — 2 years ago

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Kwaśne Jabłko

Funk 2018

Cloudy and brick amber in colour.
Co-fermented with raspberries.
Slightly fizzy with enticing sweet raspberries and raspberry syrup.
Bone dry on the palate, with funky, bruised & oxidated apples and a savoury raspberry finish.
Spontaneously fermented and w/o filtration or so2.
Again, highly drinkable and delicious!
— 2 months ago

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Adoria Vineyards

Zachowice Bacchus 2017

An herbal, floral nose with white flowers and a bitter citrussy thing like yuzu or bergamot orange. That is very peculiar and I like it. It's very subtile and discreet, not in your face at all. The palate is delicate with a first impression on the acid side, but there is more to it, with this citrus thing, a bit of weight on the width with a gentle touch and some roundness, and a fresh and long finish. I like it! It reminds of easy going, simple white German I had which were perfect a bit cooled down on hot summer nights. — 5 months ago

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Georges Dubœuf

Beaujolais Nouveau Gamay 2019

Last bottle of wine before Karolina’s trip to Poland. Watching old polish shows (Idz na calosc, Randka w ciemno), having a really relaxing weekend — 9 months ago

Kwaśne Jabłko

Cydr Wiosenny 2019

Fresh & citrusy with ripe lime and green grapefruit with green apples underneath.
On the palate fresh, zingy and full of lemon acidity and bone-dry.
Spontaneously fermented from v. old polish apple varieties, nonfiltered and no Sulfides added. This has loads of character and is freakin’ delicious!
— 2 months ago

Long Valley Ranch

Winemaker's Blend Estate Grown Red Blend 2017

Nicely done. Surprisingly good. Because it's rather cheap. And cheap (about ten dollars) wine from California - in Poland it doesn't sound good. :) It neads a decantation. The nose isn't complicated: some red fruit and a leather. The palate adds notes of an oak and a cocoa. The finish is mild with pleasant spicy notes. — 5 months ago

Browar Deer Bear

Yam Yam White IPA

Yam Yam - White IPA
Bitterness 2/5
Swietness 2/5
Strength 4/5
— 8 months ago

Winnica Turnau

Solaris 2017

Hands down the best Polish wine. — 2 years ago