Pilsner Urquel

Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga

Chianti Classico Sangiovese Blend 2018

Medium bodied, classic Sangiovese. Imported by Pilsner who always has a lively selection of wines. Cherry plum smooth. Goes well with all Italian foods. A winner will definitely buy more — 5 days ago

Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Grillo 2012

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving on the past Saturday with our immediate family, we decided to enjoy lunch today at Willie G’s. Great seafood deserves an appropriate wine. Today we had a wonderful Grillo from Sicily. Grillo is the grape used to meme Marsala wine. The wine we enjoyed today was bone dry. The color is the first thing that gets you. It was the color of a Pilsner beer. The nose gave off hints of smoked almonds and honey. On the pallet I picked up nutty flavors backed by baked apples and some minerality. The wine had a lingering finish and stood up well to blackened red snapper. All in all a very enjoyable wine. — 6 months ago

Lisa Mayer
with Lisa
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Paul Kubler

"K" Alsace Pinot Gris 2016

this bottle takes me back to Alsace.
i spent a weekend in Strasbourg in 2006 protesting/partying in front of the European parliament that's located there.
no wine was tasted as i sticked to self imported bottle of zubrowka vodka, drops of potent LSD (that were dropped to the tail end of the vodka by a really short vicious smiling man - true story) and local pilsner beer that i remember fondly that's called 'meteor' and came in large 750ml bottles(pretty good ice cold and just ok after the sun warmed up the last 3rd of the bottle).

and now... 13 years later. different tastebuds. but I'm still the same person essentially.

100% pinot gris

off dry officially but feels dry.

14% ABV

pale green 👀

🧀 rind, green apple, pear, very fresh lemon and finely chopped greens👃

full body. I'm guessing the rs helps to build it.
medium plus acidity.

creamy, tart and a bit fruity with added white pepper and maybe even ginger 👄

long lingering pleasent creamy 🎯 like tasty and slightly bitter 🍬

great wine, no doubt about it.
tasty and complex, plays with you and changes every sip, but always superb.

excelent vfm (110 nis). expensive but works hard for your money.

need to try the winery Riesling now.

had it all day on it's own while vacationing.
soft and spicy cheese platter could have helped but I'm too full.
— 3 years ago

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Sharon B

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Love Strasbourg!

Estrella Damm

Daura Lager

You would never know this was a gluten free beer. Loads of flavor. Slight maltiness. Very good lager / Pilsner style beer. — 2 months ago

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Nice review!🍻


Wachau Sekt Riesling

Something different and special even if from a familiar variety. A distinctive dusty earthy profile. Beats me how this could be Riesling.

Think lemon-scented gunpowder and potting soil. Delicate, bitter, rich, austere. Aromatics like a soapy German Pilsner. Sour hopped lemons, biscuit, and mint. Rich with fruit dropping in just to help out for a moment - help from the pears, apples, lemons - before sending you out on a blazing long earthy bitter trail - biscuity bitter pilsner sayonara.
— 7 months ago

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Nice honey start. Classic Pilsner profile. — a year ago

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A refreshing Turkish beer from the warm beachside resort of Yamba in Australia. Crisp and cold and went well with the Sardine and Salad dishes — 3 months ago

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The Lost Abbey

Noble Tendencies Czech-Style Pilsner

One of the top three pilsners I've come across in San Diego County craftland...the other two being Modern Times Ice and Pure Project Rain. Delicious, crushable and with a parting crispiness on the finish. 16oz can. — 6 months ago

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Ryden Beer Pilsner

Ron R

Tilts more towards a traditional IPA with slightly bitter hops, but quite punchy and refreshing - Buddha-Bar NYC. — 9 months ago

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Lagunitas Brewing Company

Czech Style Pilsner

I think one of the lightest for Lagunitas. — 4 years ago

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