Oceanside Ale Works

Begyle Brewing

Free Bird American Pale Ale

It has hops but not overwhelming so works with pub foods or just when relaxing. — 8 months ago

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Great graphic design. Cheers!

Coop Ale Works

Saturday Siren Dry-Hopped Pils

Coop Ale Works Saturday Siren 🚨 Pilsner. Damn fine. — 4 years ago

Noble Ale Works

Tongue Tickles Double IPA

Dankness, orange rind, pineapple, guava. Light malts, medium body. Velvety texture, fresh, little bitterness. Outstanding balance. One of the best IPA's available. — 6 years ago

Noble Ale Works

Break Away Pale Ale

Tastes like grapefruit! Not super deep flavor, but I like it. — 7 years ago

Hidden Springs Ale Works

ZFG Pale Ale

Black bean deli - local ipa — 3 years ago

Coop Ale Works

Fly Me Away IPA

A lighter and delicious IPA. — 3 years ago

Kenny Baldridge

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I wish it had a bit more weight. But nice. I wanted it to be awesome.

Krebs Brewing Co.

Prairie Artisan Ales Merica Farmhouse Ale

Just the right amount of funk - it is funky. A healthy amount of hops works to balance out the funk, not too avante-garde, a bit like a good jazz track. Something I'd love to drink again. — 5 years ago

Coop Ale Works

Spare Rib Pale Ale

A nice dry, fresh and crisp Pale Ale. Brewed in Oklahoma City. — 3 years ago

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Mason Ale Works

Zero Moustafa A "Zero" IBU IPA

Very interesting flavor profile. Lighter than expected for an IPA. Aroma, check. Citrus, check. No bitterness, check. Creamy, bonus! — 4 years ago

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Samuel Smith Old Brewery

Organic Pale Ale

Gary Westby

Experimenting with cutting edge pairings. Beer and salty nuts- I am going to say it works. — 5 years ago

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Vin Zering

Vin Zering

Beer and nuts- a million years of validation on that pairing.
Troy Givens

Troy Givens

Don't go to far out of your comfort zone @Gary Westby 🤓
Norman Gennaro

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Pull back from that edge.