Obusé Winery

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Tout Grains Des Cépages Européens 2018

2021/4/30-5/1 with Nanjing saltwater duck and green garlic with pork belly and dried shrimp, and youshoku pork sauté. Mostly Petit Verdot with a little Merlot and other varieties - but a pretty limpid ruby color, with woodsy wild berries, plum and herbs predominating. — a month ago

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Vignes Francaises Blanc 2017


— 2 years ago

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Quatrecinq Nagano Merlot 2018

Food friendly wine with smooth tannins (go Merlot!). Has the right acidity to keep it drinking fresh. Easy drinking. — 4 months ago

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Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Murasaki Numéro Un Merlot 2017

Easy drinking merlot with good freshness. — a year ago

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Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Sec Petit Manseng 2018

青りんごのようなフレッシュさ — a year ago

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Cuvée La Neige Chardonnay 2017

Seth Morgen Long

Flinty and energetic, quite austere. — 3 years ago

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John Howard

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Interesting. Where did you get this wine? Curious to try some Japanese stuff.
Seth Morgen Long

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@John Howard my buddy Junichi purchased it when he was in Japan. Acidity was unreal. Perhaps not full malo.

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Sogga Père et Fils Réserve Privée Clairet Pinot Noir 2018

— 10 months ago

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Ordinaire Sauvignon Blanc 2019

High citrus tones and acidity. Not a lot of complexity but good mouthfeel and texture. Pairs well with Japanese food. — a year ago

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Aaron Tan

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How's their sake? Been on my to try list since forever. Haha. I really like their labels.
E & K G

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This is actually a Sauv Blanc. Never had their sakes yet, but their wines tend to be super easy drink. Not overly fruity, usually a bit more savory and earthy.
Aaron Tan

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Haha. Yea. Saw that's it's the SB. Just thought you might have tasted their saké's too since it's pretty trendy 🤣

Domaine Sogga (Obusé Winery)

Sogga Père et Fils Quatre Le Saké Érotique 2017

So erotique. Rich and came in a wine bottle namasake. Paired with Aussie lobster sashimi — 2 years ago

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