Moscatel De Alejandría

Filitas y Lutitas

Sierras de Málaga Moscatel Pedro Ximénez 2017

Very unusual blend of 90% Moscatel de Alejandría (Muscat of Alexandria) and 10% Pedro Ximénez - varieties traditionally used for dessert wines. Fruit is sourced from vineyards on poor slate and schist (filitas and lutitas) soils at over 3,000 ft altitude in the Axarquía, a rugged, mountainous region in southern Spain known for its breathtaking steep slope-vineyards, some up to 70% (which also lend their name to the winery, vertical vineyards). After a 24-hour maceration with its skins, the Muscat was fermented in very old 3,300-liter foudres purchased from Brandy-producer Larios while the Pedro Ximénez was aged in 600-liter barrels. Aged for 10 months in foudre. Somewhere between a generoso and a white wine, the wine is savory, complex and mineral, with aromas of dry herbs, almonds, hints of Brandy and long, salty finish. — 19 days ago

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Folias de Baco

Uivo Curtido Moscatel Galego Branco

Cloudy orange. Barnyard. Grapefruit. Crisp. — 12 days ago

Bodegas Francisco Gomez

"Bocanegra" Moscatel Seco

Loved it! Nice and dry. Part of 5 Vines 6 pack from Brett — a month ago

Cacique Maravilla

Vino Naranja Moscatel de Alejandría 2018

Tart, sour, light, refreshing! — a month ago

Tami Papagiannopoulos
with Tami

Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru 5 Rosato Malvasia Blend 2019

I wait every year 👏🏾 — 6 days ago

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Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru Sesta Edition Rosato Malvasia Blend

Incredible;( summer on a cold fall day. Sunlight, kind of moody. Walking wine, is that a category? Brings light to conversation. Fresh berries. Energetic. Possibly hyper. But somber — 16 days ago

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100% would walk with

Frank Cornelissen

Susucaru Rosato Malvasia Blend 2019

Sulphery and cheese rind funk fading into cherry Jolly Rancher. Memories of Malmo, Sweden. — 3 days ago

Bodegas Bernabeleva

Cantocuerdas Moscatel de Bernabeleva Seco 2017


I’m drinking the dry version. #vinous didn’t clarify that there are 2 #moscatel #muscat by this winery. A #sweet and a #dry #madrid #gredos #spain — 2 months ago

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El Carro De La Mata

Coleccion Origen Moscatel

Very into it. Sweet. Lychee. @Discovery Wines — a month ago

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