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Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

an arab wedding up north in israel.
this is a private label aged cab made specially by mony vineyard(juaden hills) as a private wine for the events hall where the celebration happens.

dark dense red 👀

mushrooms, cigar box, spice mix and some prunes on the background 👃

cigar and spice shop with some guy walking around trying to sell ripe fruit you aren't sure if it hasn't passed it's peak.
a few drops of Lemon juice added to the mix as well 👄

medium 🎯 with soft tannins lingering.

balanced and pleasent. not that thrilling, though.

paired well with the grilled meat that i rarely eat.

the araq i had as an aperitif was more to my liking.
— a year ago

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Mony Vineyards

Massada Emerald Riesling 2015

Honeysuckle. Dinner with Roni — 5 years ago

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Mony Vineyard

Reserve Samson Malbec 2015

Dense grey-ish red with significant legs 👁️
Petrol, some leather and dried red fruit with hints of smoked paprika and a variety of peppers 👃
Red fruit attack followed with assorted peppers buffet with some smoke on the background 👄
Medium acidity which helped for taste variation when paired with different things.
Light and pleasantly dry 🎯
Paired with a way too rich brunch it was excellent.
The more spiced food made it dull.
Camembert cheese made it sweet tasty cherry juice.
A balanced and pleasent highly recommended malbec
Very good vfm(80 nis).
24hr later the wine was terrible. So drink up!
— 2 years ago

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Mony Vineyard

Reserve Shiraz 2011

Medium bodied, dry, hints of spice , hints of tannins — 6 years ago

Slavik Zorin
with Slavik