Montsant, Tarragona

Josep Grau

L'Efecte Volador Montsant Red Blend 2022

I’ve been told by locals that Montsant is the region that makes Priorat style wines but at a better value (and they don’t mean that euphemistally, they do mean better value). On the map, it almost envelops Priorat. So far, so true. Raspberries and stone fruit predominate. Maybe a touch hot. Didn’t blow my mind, but it’s definitely a competently made wine from good grapes. I will definitely be back for this one. — a month ago

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

Les Paradetes Conca de Barberà Grenache Blend 2027

Sour cherry pie and strawberry on the palate. A bit petroly on the nose with some wet newspaper. Super big acidity with medium to low tannins, it’s a light and crushable fruit bomb. — 4 months ago

Brooke Robinson
with Brooke

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

Coll del Sabater Conca de Barberà Merlot Blend 2022

Cabernet Franc, fermented in stainless steel. Red fruit green pepper and herbal notes. Fresh, juicy, some tannins — 8 months ago

Cellers Can Blau

Blau Montsant Red Blend 2020

Balsamic, plum, red fruits — going from memory. Not my preferred style, but well made. 89 to me, 90 for others. — a month ago

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Cellers Can Blau

Mas de Can Blau Cariñena Blend 2007

Big and bold without being too much. Slight touch of alcoholic heat — 2 months ago

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Venus La Universal

Dido la Universal Montsant Garnacha Blend 2021

Very light bodied, don’t like the smell — 8 months ago

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

Els Bassots Conca de Barberà Chenin Blanc 2022

100% Chenin Blanc, macerated with skins — 8 months ago

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

Nas del Gegant Red Blend 2022

When these wines are good they are on another planet delicious — 7 days ago

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Lectores Vini

Pomagrana Conca de Barberà Tempranillo Trepat Rosé

Dry tannic light spanish red. Easy warm weather drinking. From domestique — 22 days ago

Celler Escoda-Sanahuja

La Llopetera Conca de Barberà Pinot Noir 2019

Lil bubble of air in the foil, which made me worried. Opened it a couple hours before drinking it to make sure it wasn’t totally off. Tasted upon opening, it’s funky but not off. I’ve had off bottles of Escoda and this wasn’t one. Quite pretty from start to finish. At dinner, a few hours later, on the nose: cinnamon, cherry ludens, Brett/bandaids, lively. Palette: sour cherry, pomegranate, jasmine and other florals, white pepper. Finish has more white pepper and ginger candies with the powdery stuff on them. Sort of tannic still. Acid and tannin indicates we could hold the other 2 bottles for a while. — 7 months ago