Malvazija Persuric


Malvazija 2021

Fresh yellow fruits, floral snd bit mineralic notes. Wonderfull sunmer wine — 2 months ago

Kathrin Knill
with Kathrin

Vina Krapež

Malvazija 2020

Beautiful deep golden color with a sweet/tart taste. Notes of honey and lemon immediately with a lingering floral bit. — 6 months ago



100% Malvazija — 2 years ago

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Uroboros Malvasia Bianca 2019

Extremely well made Istrian Malvazija! Very good tasting at Bruno Trapan Winery. Also good Revolution (merlot, cab sauv, syrah and teran) and The One(syrah and Teran) — 2 months ago

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Gran Malvazija Malvazia 2016

My bottle is labeled "Gran Malvasia 2016". On the nose, this is apple orchard or maybe a peach orchard where the fruit isn't ripe yet... On the palate, for me, this is a russetted golden apple... One of those rare cider varieties deep in the orchard... Apple schnapps, dry peach, sage, mineral... Dry in the mouth... Medium acidity... The finish is long and becomes buttery as time passes... This really is outstanding seven years after the vintage. — 5 months ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita


Istra Malvazija 2013

Complex yet very harmonic orange Malvasia. Overripe apples, balsamic. Notes of thyme. Finest Slovenian craftmanship! — 2 years ago

Marcus Weber
with Marcus


Malvazija 2017

Golden hue, cloudy, oxidized/baked pear. Great acidity. Beautiful pairing for big pastas. Drank at Carbonis in Paris. — 4 months ago

Korenika and Moskon


Petrol notes. A litttle spice. I may have held on to it a little long. — 5 months ago


Istra Malvazija


Woodyvegetal and buttery — a year ago


Malvazija Pivol 2017

Honeyed, herbal, super layered and viscous—not for everyone, but amazing for me — 2 years ago

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