Lledoner Roig

La Petite Baigneuse

Maury Grenat 2011

Incredible. Port wine. Not chuggable. — 4 months ago

Aline Hock ( Domaine des Mathouans )

Lledoner Pelut 2017

Smell of lilac, summer hay and warm wax.
Ineresting but not overpowering tanins.
Taste of crushed berries and develops a nutty note with airing.
Easy drink, on its own or with a light meal - more of an evening wine.
— a year ago

Tabea Baumann
with Tabea
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Bodegas Abadal

Pla de Bages Picapoll

Sopar Grau-Roig amb la Gabi
— 6 months ago

Vinya Ferrer

'Nar i Tornar' Txaranga Roig Grenache 2018

Leads with a distinct oak note, almost like a touch of scotch, and then bursts with berry fruit flavor. The juxtaposition is a bit odd, but it works for me. The bridge is a hint of vanilla. Actually, I love it! — a year ago

Viticultors de l'Emporda

espelt Les Elies lledoner negre 2018

Mujeres del Vino. Fàbrica Moritz.
— a year ago


Romanissa Côtes Catalanes Red Blend 2019

This is Carignan and Lledoner Pelut (aka “hairy Grenache” - an uncommon mutation of Grenache). The wine is certainly young, and I think a few years of bottle age will truly allow this to shine. It opened up nicely after about an hour of air. High toned cherry and strawberry with a persistent acid and mineral streak. The wine finishes with the same noticeable herbaceous quality that I find in all of Lubbe’s wines. — 7 months ago

Vinyes Dels Aspres

ISTIU VI SALVATGE Lledoner Blanc 2018

Troba alternativa Montgat. Eli & Cesc.
— a year ago

Laureano Serres Montagut

Mendall Roig Terme de Laureano Carignan

At Juice Bar, and it was delicious, cold and smooth and bright. Yes that’s right, smooth AND bright. — a year ago