Kontozisis Vineyards

A-Grafo Limniona Ancestral 2019

Light sparkling red from the "uncharted" mountains in Greece. Really excellent. — 3 days ago

Amy Monroe
with Amy
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Domaine Zafeirakis

Tyrnavos Limniona Rosé 2020

Whoaaaaa don’t think I’ve ever had a Limniona wine before. Revive that variety! It’s sweet-tart and there is a rather pleasing tannic grip. — 9 months ago

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Aplá Dry Rosé Blend 2019

Some excellent tastes of strawberries on this dry and complex rose. Great blend of 3 indigenous Greek grapes - 50% Xinomavro – 30% Limniona – 20% Mavroudi. — 2 years ago

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Oenops Wines

Apla Xinomavro Blend Rosé 2021

Really nice. Light, strawberry, w grapefruit, grapefruit pith, watermelon. Refreshing, perfect summer drinking — 2 days ago

Oenops Wines

Apla Dry Xinomavro Blend 2019

Nose is raspberry, eucalyptus, anise, watermelon, oak, and a bit of spice and barnyard funk. The palate features dark cherry, cocoa, cinnamon, cooked strawberry, and white pepper. Medium alcohol, medium light tannins, and high acid. Opa! — 2 months ago

Susan Cahoon
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Theopetra Estate

Meteora Limniona 2015

Great story — rare indigenous grape variety from a disused vineyard formerly framed by monks at the neighbouring monastery. Could easily be mistaken for Italian. Lots of interesting wines coming from Greece these days. — 2 years ago

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Domaine Zafeirakis

Tirnavos Limniona 2019

A. R.

Blind this would be a ringer for a cru Beaujolais. Bright red fruit, high acid, low tannins. Very refreshing and natural. — 2 months ago


Nikos Karatzas Drama Limniona 2018

Jeremy Shanker

New school Greece. Amphorae aged Limniona. Reminds me of great traditional Sangio — 6 months ago

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Ktima Ligas

Sauvage Bleu Limniona 2017

Aromatique riche et délicate toucher d embouché nature
Vin évoluant vite à l air …. À Carafer …. J ai des doutes
— 9 months ago

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Kontozisis Vineyards

A-Grafo Limniona

Medium to full, little funky, nice layers, little graphite, kinda light/bright — 2 years ago