Lacroix Martillac


Royale Rye Whiskey

Super fun. It’s like a drink for the multitaskers: you can get all the joy of whisky and LaCroix but in one drink and it helps save bees. Oh and it tastes good and refreshes while intoxicating. If it were a person it would be that hip friend who does all the sustainable things but not as performance and still accepts me even if I fuck up and use paper towels occasionally. That friend will still be friendly and refreshing. I don’t know for sure Siponey would accept me but I like the line this can walks. — 2 years ago

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White Girl Wine

Babe Rosé With Bubbles

While it probably won’t win any prestigious awards, and it probably won’t rank on Robert Parker or Wine Enthusiasts Top 100, it is actually a fun, refreshing in a Better than Lacroix way. Lots of seltzer-like bubbles with raspberry and vanilla flavors. Put in a cooler, take to the beach, concert tailgate, or backyard BBQ and drink straight from the can. Enjoy my friends. It’s a real wine drinkers Bartles and Janes wine cooler. Stay thirsty! — 4 years ago


Il Rosso di Guiglia 2017

Dry as hell with light bubbles. Weird LaCroix vibes. Great with pizza — 2 years ago

Chateau Lespault Martillac

Pessac-Léognan White Bordeaux Blend 2015

Fresh biscuit, almond paste, mushroom. Ginger spice. New oak regime. Creamy rich mouthfeel with delicious oak, hitting on the mid-palate with effortless transitions into a honey-ginger gelato finish. Spiciness carries through. I want to drink this with Thanksgiving. 75% Sav Blanc, 25% Semillion. — 3 years ago

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DMZ Cabernet Rosé

Mixed with Passionfruit LaCroix 😊 — 4 years ago


Bordeaux Superieur Red Bordeaux Blend

Oak, strawberry, weird but ok floral things — 3 years ago


ATS Selection Chardonnay

The highest level chardonnay made at the Cuvaison estate. 11 barrels of old wente and dijon clones. This wine opens as almost weightless on PnP but gains some richness with air. I taste lime zest and tangerine (like the LaCroix flavor) with a wet gravel minerality. It also has a light oak signature and lively acidity. Very well balanced and fresh, great for the next 5 years. — 4 years ago

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