Domaine Belluard

Les Perles du Mont Blanc Brut Ayze Gringet 2019

Not totally fresh but fine split and consumed quickly. — 4 months ago

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Domaine Belluard

Ayse Terroir du Mont Blanc Brut Zéro Savoie Gringet 2016


Hmm night one.. instantly nowhere near as memorable as the 2014 - way less character.. extra dry. Some straw, unripe melon, lemon peel, lighter in colour. Might save some for tomorrow to see if it develops. Ok edit: 8.8 for yesterday, up to 8.9… some added banana and a bit more straw — 9 months ago

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Le Feu Gringet 2015

2015 Domaine Belluard Le Feu. The grape is Gringet. I love this wine! Aromas of apple, minerals and mountain herbs. Tastes of apple/grapefruit, mountain herbs and rocks. Long. This is a beautiful wine. ‘Grand Cru’ from Savoie! — 2 years ago

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Domaine Belluard

Le Feu Vin de Savoie Gringet 2017

Always a pleasure to drink and experience these wines. A singular (and unfortunately, rare) experience. — a month ago

Domaine Belluard

Eponyme Savoie Gringet 2020

Heavy reduction that never really blew off. Underlying material is there but needs time to resolve. — 4 months ago

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Byron Hewett

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I have some of this on order. Maybe decant several hours ahead?
Ira Schwartz

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@Byron Hewett I would think a must. Was not on the list but the somm knows we are wine people so he mentioned he just received . We did not have the luxury of a long decant.

Famille Montessuit

Ayze Cuvee Prestige Brut White Blend 2015

2015 | Gringet
Domaine Montessuit; L'Insolite Prestige Brut
Savoy - Ayze, France

Thanksgiving 2022 on a Saturday with Family
— a year ago

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new label!
Severn Goodwin

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Yes! Prestige is only named on the capsule now.

Domaine Belluard

Ayse Savoie Gringet 2009

This bottle with a bit of age came across as a slightly faded beauty with few bubbles left, but charming nonetheless. A true homage to its maker. — a month ago

Domaine Belluard

mousseux Méthode Traditionnelle Ayse Vin de Savoie Perles du Mont Blanc

Stunning wine with a tragic story. One man’s vision to show case a disappearing grape is truly magical. Gringet from the Haute-Savoie as a single varietal bottling is so good so many layers, such beauty and subtlety. The still wine is pretty dynamic but this sparkling wine is just a, well a Pearl. Bottles be a friend after the winemakers tragic death this will be the last vintage of the wine. I can only hope someone takes up his mantle. — a year ago

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