Cantina Marilina

Sikelè Terre Siciliane Grecanico

Delicious natural wine with every beautiful thing nature has to offer. Earthy, fruity, and spicy. — 6 days ago

Agnes Castera
with Agnes

Planeta Winery

La Segreta Il Bianco Grecanico Blend 2019

Paired w/scallop, severuga caviar, smoked salmon, murder point oyster, green tomato mignonette — 3 months ago

Girolamo Russo

Nerina Etna Bianco Carricante Blend 2019

Hands down, I am in love with this wine. Beautiful floral and citrus bouquet with Roquefort cheese, aloe, estragon, honeydew secretion, chalk and grapefruit. Sophisticated, fresh and savoury, perfectly balanced and flavourful. Long aftertaste full of lemon, cheese and chalk. Now some information that is not available on the label. Blend of Carricante, Catarratto, Inzolia, Grecanico, Minnella and Coda di Volpe. Only 10000 bottles produced. And (!) macerated on skins for 24 hours. Bravo. — 2 days ago

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Azienda Agricola COS

Ramí Terre Siciliane Greciano Insolia 2014

Grecanico (Garganega) and Insolia. this wine is freaking amazing. 2014 enjoyed 4/21. butterscotchy, really hard to pinpoint specific flavors. it’s just damned good. — 3 months ago

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Frank Cornelissen

Munjebel Terre Siciliane Bianco 2018

Natty, saline, food friendly. Find a shellfish pasta or cacio e pepe. — 5 months ago

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Etna Bianco Carricante Blend 2020

Classy feel in mouth rarely achieved. Mineral and salt on nose and palate. Hints of raspberry. And lemon. Think big white wine — 8 hours ago

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Azienda Agricola COS

Pithos Bianco Terre Siciliane Grecanico 2019

Post run yesterday. Serve ice cold. — 2 months ago

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Christian Patat

Terre Siciliane Grecanico

Naked Wines Sicilian, fresh fruity taste and very easy to drink. — 4 months ago

Isola del Satiro

Terre Siciliane Catarratto Grecanico

Lower smell, raspberry, sorrel, ruby red, full acidic, jammy body with boysenberry some raspberry and a cutting acid and tannin right under it with a tangy slight blood orange wet finish — 7 months ago