Gemtree Vineyards

Gemtree Vineyards

Uncut McLaren Vale Shiraz 2003

Thought it was ok… not great. — 9 months ago

Saxon Brown

Fighting Brothers Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2013

2013 Vintage. 14.9% Alcohol. Now we are back on track. Good fruit and acidity. Nice mouthfeel and long finish. Not as big as the Wrath but far better than the Gemtree last night. — 5 years ago

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Gemtree Vineyards

Tatty Road Red Bordeaux Blend 2003

2003 in 2017 wonderful wine. — 6 years ago

Gemtree Vineyards

The Phantom Petit Verdot 2007

Planned ahead and got some venison to have with this wine, and the combination sang. Pretty nose. Fruit and tannins that worked oh so well with the food. The few sips one its own were less in balance, but still an enjoyable drink. I recall tasting this upon release - the tannins ripped the roof of my mouth off. Time has been kind to it. Sad, however, to see that The Phantom label has now degenerated to experimental batches. I liked the earlier commitment to the varietal. — 7 years ago

Sam Marshmallow
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Gemtree Vineyards

Moonstone McLaren Vale Savagnin 2016

Beautiful acidity and varietal character maybe better than the French — 5 years ago

Gemtree Vineyards

Dragon's Blood McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Deep purple robe with long legs. Nose of grapes, cherries, mulberries and sawdust. Taste of plumbs and grapes with smooth, well-balanced tannins. Long finish with pronounced taste of cherries. Lovely after it’s breathed for a while. — 6 years ago

Gemtree Vineyards

Stage Six Shiraz

Best wine of the Gemtree range in my opinion. Not what I'd choose to drink a lot of at home but bloody enjoyable none the less. Structured, rich and dry earthiness — 7 years ago

Gemtree Vineyards

Cinnabar Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre 2016

Light color with ripe fruit and acidity/some good tannin — 5 years ago

Gemtree Vineyards

Bloodstone Shiraz 2015

Jammy fruit, licorice, vanilla, and spice. Balanced with gripping tannins. Loved it! — 5 years ago

Fred Barranger
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Gemtree Vineyards

Dragon's Blood Shiraz

Jaryd recc. Dan Murphy's inauguration. — 7 years ago