Castel Faglia

Cuvée Monogram Satèn Franciacorta Chardonnay Pinot Bianco

I like this Franciacorta. We found very small and secret Italian restaurant in Shimamoto-cho. — 11 days ago

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Guido Berlucchi

Franciacorta 61 Rosé

If you’re new to Franciacorta, you couldn’t pick a better place to start.

You get a really fabulous mousse, and a wonderful clean and bright Chardonnay fruit with a dry but delightful finish. Don’t look for that toasty brioche that a champagne would offer; this is made differently. But take this as the crisp, refreshing (and very good-friendly) wine that it is.
— a month ago

Faccoli (Azienda Agricola)

Brut Franciacorta

A favorite. Long finish with fruit tangerine? — 19 days ago

Guido Berlucchi

Cuvée '61 Satèn Franciacorta Blend

Bevuto 2022 sboccatura ottobre 2021. — a month ago

Nicola Gatta

Quattrocento Extra Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir

A solid first encounter from this up-and-comer producer from Lombardia. According to the importer, Nicola’s bubbles are on “every” top restaurant wine list in Italy. Wow, I can see why - Nicola sports the right narrative (natty, maverick), but the proof was in the bottle itself! The Quattrocento, which is Nicola’s late disgorged offering (40 months on lees), could easily give many Champagne’s a good run for their money. It was textural, incisive, and expectedly leaned more towards an oxidative and autolytic profile, with flavours of pastry, almonds, baked apples, and hints of spice. Admittedly, I was looking for a little more length and intensity, but the wine had good energy and drank with little resistance. A win for me! — 2 months ago

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Guido Berlucchi

'61 Brut Franciacorta Chardonnay Blend

Stonefruit aroma reminding me of nectarine and bing cherry with some delicate florals in the background. Tart and juicy body with hints of mandarin orange. Grapefruit drying finish. Pretty nice sparkling. — 25 days ago

S. Croce Azienda Agricola

Franciacorta Brut Chardonnay Pinot Nero

Santa Croce franciacorta brut

Nose : closed

Palate: fruity. Good. Not super mineral.
— a month ago

Cantina Della Volta

Modena Lambrusco Rosé

Amy l

Dry rosé wine, more similar to Franciacorta than a typical Lambrusco. Crisp, fresh, a tiny bit of biscuit/yeast on the back end. I really enjoyed this. Excellent value. Purchased at Bassins. — 22 days ago

Ricci Curbastro

Brut Franciacorta Chardonnay Blend 2009


Visit to Yuki/Jeff’s home. interesting Italian sparkling of Chardonnay. Not many bubbles, good yeasty notes with mature fading fruits and long acidic finish. Went with appetizer and pasta. — 2 months ago

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