Domaine De La Chevalerie

Domaine de la Chevalerie

Cuvée du Peu Muleau Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2021

Light enough to compliment risotto and fish, but still punchy CF structure. — 2 months ago

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Domaine de la Chevalerie

‘Franco de Porc’ Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2018

Fresh red berries, chocolate and light wood. Amazing with duck tartare and will be great with pork chop. — a year ago

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Domaine de la Chevalerie

Busardières Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2015

Rubis clair
Nez délicat frais sur la framboise
Bouche fraîche délicate à la matière mûre mais fraîche
Tanins savoureux
— 3 years ago

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Domaine de la Chevalerie

Grand-Mont Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2011

Lush and muddy at once. Nice, subtle maturity—some cedar, dried tobacco—and an unexpected kernel or butter on the nose. Soft, lush tannins and red fruit. Would love to have some roast veggies with woody herbs or roast chicken with this — 5 years ago

Kyle Bella
with Kyle
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Domaine de la Chevalerie

Bretêche Cabernet Franc 2014

dust and pepper, tart red fruit. lovely — 3 months ago

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Domaine de la Chevalerie

Galichets Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2015

Really a very nice cab franc. Crazy good value especially with the age. Doesn’t have a ton of acid on the finish but this is still quite delicious with great fruit and earth. Nice pairing with a variety of things at Lords which was excellent. — 7 months ago

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Stéphanie, Emmanuel & Pierre Caslot

Domaine de la Chevalerie Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2014

Covid-19 wine time. So delicious we felt like we should have saved it for a more special occasion! — 4 years ago

Domaine de la Chevalerie

Bulle de Fort Cabernet Franc

Never had a sparkling Cabernet Franc: very good — 5 months ago

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Domaine de la Chevalerie

Diptyque Dernier Cri Bourgueil Cabernet Franc 2018

Definitely has the depth and meatiness of a Bourgueil Cab Franc. Almost an inky ruby in the glass, raspberry and bright cherry/ripe plum. More fruit-driven and less green than I expected but very drinkable! — 9 months ago

Domaine Grosbois

Clos du Noyer Chinon Cabernet Franc 2017

Lou recommended based on the Domaine de la Chevalerie that we loved. He said this would blow our minds & he wasn’t wrong! — 4 years ago