Cenaghi Vino Bianco Ortrugo Blend

One of the best wines that I've ever had. Exquisite fruitiness, yet also slightly dry on the finish. Well structured. Had at Noma. — 2 months ago

Kaito Kikuchi
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Vino di Tavola Dinavolo

Farty but light a nice farty start
Complex but not overwhelming. Sister wine of dinavolino
— 5 years ago


Dinavolo Vino da Tavola Sei 2006

Treated myself n paired it w/ pork chop! The color alone makes me smile. Apricot, blood orange, but savory, dried herbs, strong tannins, loooonngggg finish. — 9 years ago

Jack Schramm
with Jack
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Dinavolino Romagna Malvasia di Candida Blend

Ok please don’t like this yet. This needs to be fixed. Funky town for sure. I would say Parmesan cheese. Soon more….Really crazy stuff! Well Kombucha, like quite acidic and astringent, buttery, nose, Muskat - orange blossoms. So much fun but obviously you have to be crazy to ask for this and drink it - even the staff at the restaurant hesitated. — 2 years ago

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Wow! That is unique!


Catavela Malvasia di Candida Blend

An orange wine for beginners. Light, fresh, nice. Some VA and oxidative notes, but in a way that lifts the green herbs and stone fruits. Playful acidity with a slight spritz. Pear, apricot and orange skin (and blossom) flavours, with a nicely grippy finish. Good stuff. — 9 years ago


Mansano Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Bright. Yellow apple. Apple skin, and moderately tannic. Becomes more expressively pineapple. Star anise. Dry cider. — 2 years ago


Dinavolo Vino da Tavola White Blend

One of best orange wines I've had, savoury but good acid in tow — 7 years ago

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Dinavolo Vino Bianco

Mad. Da shizzle — 10 years ago