Azienda Agricola Denavolo Rivergaro

Catavela Vino Bianco Malvasia di Candida Blend 2016

Slightly tart, as expected, but overall nicely balanced at only 9%. — 4 months ago

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Azienda Agricola Denavolo

Dinavolino Vino Bianco Malvasia Blend 2016

Skin contact between 4-6 months of Malvasia, Marsanne and local grapes to Emilia Romagna which are unnamed. Briny, cider-y nose. The palate on this wine shows excellent complexity. Some light hazelnut and citrus give way to apricot notes. This changes with air and really changes with food. We drank this with Thai which was on the spicy side and I can honestly say that it was one of the most remarkable food & wine pairings I’ve ever had. This truly blew my mind. What also blows my mind is the fact that this was left unreleased all these years. Marvin Gaye’s talent has lived on through his music all these years and this “new” album just adds another layer to that catalogue. Great stuff all around here. — 4 years ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

Sounds like a perfect night! Loved the review.
Sarah O'Kelley

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Wow I had this wine many moons ago & also loved it!


Dinavolo Bianco Vino da Tavola Emilia-Romagna Malvasia di Candia Blend 2006

Grazie bello for bringing more orange wines in Cipro.
I thing the first and possibly the only wine store who has orange wines!!!
— 9 years ago

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Mansano Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Bright. Yellow apple. Apple skin, and moderately tannic. Becomes more expressively pineapple. Star anise. Dry cider. — a year ago


Vino di Tavola Dinavolo 2016

Favorite cheapish orange bottle. Funky and a little effervescent — 4 years ago


Cenaghi Vino Bianco Ortrugo Blend

It’s «Cenaghi» not «canaghi», the blend is Ortrugo 40%, Sauvignon Blanc 20%, and Marsanne 40%. And the flavor is yummy — 3 years ago


Dinavolo Vino Bianco

Tannins to go around. Tart, fresh, dry. — 6 years ago


Dinavolo Vino da Tavola White Blend

One of best orange wines I've had, savoury but good acid in tow — 6 years ago

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Dinavolo Vino da Tavola Sei 2006

orange in color, funky cheese on nose, orange rinds, spice and floral to follow. morphs as it sits in your glass (il buco alimentari wine 2/3). — 9 years ago

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