Curral Atlantis

Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-1c Syrah 2005

Perfect for our Anniversary. A much appreciated gift from Joe & Gail — 5 days ago

David B
with David
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David L

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You both celebrated in style. Cheers & happy anniversary!

Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-1b Syrah 2005

SQN Night! — 8 months ago

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R. López de Heredia

Viña Tondonia Gran Reserva Rioja Tempranillo Blend 1995


🗞 eBay, DVD, Atlantis 🚀 Mir
🎵 You Are Not Alone, One Sweet Day
🎥 Toy Story, Apollo 13
🗣 Houston, we have a problem
🌍 5.66B

Gorgeous old world Rioja @ £75

🍷 Garnet cherry w/ brick

👃 Smokey burnt oak, sweaty leather, ripe black cherry, caramel, sherry, herbs, earth, dusty cellar, potpourri, red currant & cocoa dust w/ liquorice & balsamic

👄 Med smooth body of slight tart & sweet bruised red & dark cherry soaked in earth, oak, sweet liquorice & cocoa

🎯 Long earthy oak cherry seduction
— 3 years ago

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Chris England

Chris England

@Jeff Savigny thanks & have a great weekend 👍🍷
David T

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Great producer and historical visit.

Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-1a Syrah 2005

Wow wine. Delicious, with lots of life left. Thank you Joe and Gail. — 5 days ago

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Atlantis Assyrtiko Blend 2015

Lovely, aromatic, great racy acidity and full of flavor. Great value and a terrific summer white — 4 months ago

Château Le Grand Faurie

St. Émilion Grand Cru 2009

Man this is just so good. Forest floor, mushroom, a lot of deliciousness. An unmistakable Bordeaux. Had a rough day so thought would pop this open. This is one of these hidden little gems you discover. Like stumbling across the lost city of Atlantis. Too good to be true. — a year ago

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Bodega Maetierra

Atlantis Albariño 2018

Albariño w stylu bogatszym i obfitszym. Nie ma tu mineralnej kostyczności, zamiast niej dużo owoców cytrusowych z grejpfrutem na czele. Do tego słodkie jabłka. Mineralny, słonawy, nieco metaliczny rdzeń jest, ale otoczony soczystością owoców. Bardzo dobra wersja galicyjskiego albariño. — 2 months ago

Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-3e Roussanne 2005

I haven't had something this sweet and delicious in a long time. Truly Sublime. — 6 months ago

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Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-2c Grenache 2005

2005 Sine Qua Non "Atlantis Fe203-2a" California Grenache
15.3% alcohol. 93% Grenache and 7% Syrah. So I return yet again to sing the praises of one Manfred Krankl, the Man, the Myth, the Legend. I originally pulled this bottle for an El Ideas dinner I was unfortunately unable to attend. The bad news is that I missed the artistry of @phillipfoss. The good news is that it’s here tonight. This is a wine that demands your complete and undivided attention which it never would have received in a restaurant setting with other wines. It needs to be doted on like the pretty girl at the dance. It needs to be the absolute center of attention. One of the highlights (and there are legion) of any SQN for me is the aromatic extravaganza I’ve come to expect, and this wine’s initial profile when the cork is pulled is akin to walking into a florist. That perfumed fragrance just floods the room. More swirling reveals sandalwood, anise, dark berries with some orange peel and just a touch of mint. It’s intense. It’s like when the server removes the cloche on an @grantachatz Alinea dish, and that scent wafts up and just engulfs you. You become immersed in that sensory overload. The show continues with an initial palate of succulent red fruits and kirsch, with notes of dark chocolate, espresso and that mint I mentioned on the nose. Subsequent returns to the glass reveal hints of grilled meats, sage and forest floor. Tannins and texture are pure silk. Persistent, fresh and slightly spicy finish of great length. The wine is beautifully integrated. Complex. Elegant. Wonderfully pure. Perfection? Let’s just say that if this wine isn’t first in its class, it doesn’t take long to call the roll.

— 3 years ago

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Roman Sukley

Roman Sukley

@Bill Bender “Alas, poor Manfred! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow
of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath
borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how
abhorred in my imagination it is!
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

What are you saying @Bill Bender ? My,
Me Buy wine, me open wine, me drink wine & me like wine! Reviews are not poetry to your ears?
Bill Bender

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Exactly @Roman Sukley and I also like the caveman approach @Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher I don’t judge