Crooked Brook Wines

Crooked Can Brewing Co.

Purple Cow

One of my favorite breweries in the south. I know, I know, Sweetwater in Atlanta’s great and all, but Crooked Can outta Orlando is something else.

Their seasonal Oktoberfest pictured on the right hits all the right Autumn notes.

Purple Cow to the left of that has got nice açaí, blueberry, and licorice notes.

Down the line, the Pia Kawa is a perfect tart pineapple sipper.

Finally, the Mellow Step, probably the favorite of the flight, has got the perfect amount of hops balanced with a saltwater taffy mango afternote.

10 mile bike ride and flights on the West Orange Trail. Chill.
— a month ago

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Crooked Stave

Sour Rosé Wild Ale

Much better than I was expecting. I usually don’t care for “rosé” sour beers/ciders but this was very good. — 4 months ago

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Fox Brook Winery

Chardonnay 2009

Sweet and crisp! — 5 months ago


Douro Touriga Nacional Rosé 2018

Rosé with interest. Peppered dried flowers sprinkled on me as I stand in a pebbly brook of nectarine juice rapids but there are orchids floating by and a tangerine sky. — a month ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Are the Trout biting this time of year in your pebbly brook?
Ellen Clifford

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach so far I’ve avoided the angry trout


Subduction McCabe’s Brook Marquette 2017


Nice! Would love to check out their winery. — 4 months ago

Eric Kingman
with Eric

Brook & Bull

Come Hell Or High Water Red Blend 2016

Raspberry, cherry, pepper, a little dried tobacco and herbs on the nose.
On the palate, strawberry leather, raspberry coulis, with star anise and touch of terracota clay on the finish. Satiny texture without being overpowering — med + body but lithe.

Enjoyed with steak in salsa verde marinade w potatoes and mushrooms.

I really enjoyed this one, but me more than Greg.

— 5 months ago

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Shob Brook Wines

Poolside by Tommy Ruff Syrah 2015

Completely crazy that this is Syrah. Tastes almost like a sour beer. — 4 months ago

Shob Brook Wines

Monday By Tommy Ruff Red Blend 2015

Fizzy with grapefruit flavors had at Robyn and mikes near Fourth of July — 4 months ago

Crooked Stave

Von Pilsner Keller Pilsner

Extremely mellow beer, finishes with a nice taste in the mouth — 6 months ago