Cremant De Jura

Jean François Ganevat

Cuvée de l'enfant terrible Côtes du Jura Poulsard 2016

L’enfant terrible de Jean-François Ganevat. Poulsard at its best, fresh and light but with a strong sharp personality! Not such a bad kid, actually extremely polite and sensitive... but opinionated. — 8 days ago

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Domaine de Montbourgeau

Cremant du Jura Brut Zero Reserve Sparkling White Blend 2013

Great but needed like a decades more. — 2 months ago

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Amélie Vuillet & Sébastien Jacques

Pif Trousseau Blend 2018

Soft and silky texture that has layers of bright red berries. Full of energy and crunchy red goodness with a slight with of barnyard funk. — 23 days ago

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Domaine de Montbourgeau

L'Etoile Blanc White Blend 2016

I love Jura wines! The similarities with sherry are obvious but the aroma is softer, mellower. Spices, ripe fruit, nuts, savory, oysters, and some honey below the surface. Medium-bodied, dusty, and a little tannin. Dry bitter lime, apples, with a lingering finish. This is a beautiful wine. — 8 days ago

François Rousset-Martin

Cuvée du Professeur Sous-Roche Côtes du Jura Savagnin

Wowwww. Unreal savagnin. Granny Smith apples, lemon rinds, bright and tight acid. Happy Anniversary @Briana — 19 days ago

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Kevin Løk

Kevin Løk

Dude cuvée de professeur??? Hooook me up!!!!

Domaine de Saint Pierre

Château Renard Arbois Chardonnay Savagnin 2017

Going towards being a little too reductive for me, second day after opening was definitely better, edges rounded off. — 15 days ago

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Jean Bourdy

Côtes du Jura White Blend 2016

Vin Jaune like but slightly more accessible. Each sip makes a structured, detailed impression. The finish is full of minerality. — 14 days ago

Gillian Koh
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Joseph Dorbon

Hors d'Age Macvin du Jura Chardonnay 2014

Absolutely delicious representation of Jura chard. Let it open up and just dive into the nose that goes on forever. So good. — 9 days ago

Anne et Jean-Francois Ganevat

La Bubulle à Jeannot Pétillant Gamay Poulsard

Jeremy Shanker

One epic pet nat right here!!! — 11 days ago

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Jean François Ganevat

Cuvée Florine Côtes du Jura Chardonnay

Ganevat adventures continue. Why did I stop drinking this, I’m a total idiot. 2015 is just... divinities ☺️ — 22 days ago

Lulu Doyle
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