Château Trotanoy

Château Trotanoy

Espérance de Trotanoy Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 2011

Oak and black currant’ 10 years good aroma. Rounded tanning. Smooth. Enough acidity. Blueberry and other black fruits. Enough concentration. Pomrol flavor. 2011 @2500, Kping -, 210610-210619 — 13 days ago


Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

The quintessential champagne. Drinking it for dessert. Delivers the goods every time. If you don't like this, we can't be friends. Kuruoshi Beef/Ch. Trotanoy Dinner @Pignetti's Restaurant, Temple, TX — 4 years ago

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Belle Epoque Brut Champagne Chardonnay Blend 2007

Equally as good as the Palm d'Or but in a totally different way. Yeasty, 🍞, pear, apple. Intense flavors. The yang to the Feuillatte yin. Aperitif for Kuruoshi Beef/Ch. Trotanoy Dinner @Pignetti's Restaurant, Temple, TX — 4 years ago

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Château Palmer

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 1989

Had it not been for the 1982 Trotanoy this would have been WOTN. Absolutely incredible and the best showing I've experienced with this incredible wine. Another one that really needed some air to strut its stuff but when it busted out we were all blown away. Maybe my favorite Palmer and as good as it is now I imagine another 5 years and this might be a prefect wine — 4 years ago

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Château Trotanoy

Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 1961

Tasted blind. Dark reddish amber color. Almost opaque. Herbal, powerful nose. Notes of dark fruit, tobacco leaf, pepper, some mushrooms and some camphor. Massive fruit and structure. Seems young and still has some pucker. Expands in the mouth. Really good juice... the mouth feel is outstanding. (M's 60th bday 7th of 14) — a month ago

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Textbook (Jonathan & Susan Pey)

Merlot 2014

As the name suggests- "Textbook" merlot. Nice change of pace after several vintages of Bordeaux. Kuruoshi Beef/Ch. Trotanoy Dinner @Pignetti's Restaurant, Temple, TX — 4 years ago

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Nicolas Feuillatte

Palmes d'Or Brut Champagne Blend 2002

Tropical fruit and creamy. Mousse like texture. Very delicate, feminine. Beautiful. Aperitif for Kuruoshi Beef/Ch. Trotanoy Dinner @Pignetti's Restaurant, Temple, TX — 4 years ago

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Kapcsándy Family Winery

Estate Cuvée State Lane Vineyard Merlot Blend 2006

Really good but overshadowed by the Trotanoy. Took a couple hours to open up. — 4 years ago

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Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend 1967

Christopher A. Weed

En magnum. Pétrus and Trotanoy performed admirably well in '67. — 5 years ago

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Château Clos L'Eglise

Pomerol Merlot - Cabernet Franc Blend 2005

David T

3000th post. 🎉 On the nose; sweet, lush; black cassis, liqueur notes, sweet tarry notes, rich, lush; blackberries, dark cherries, black plum, plum, caramel, mocha, caramel, baking spices, warm, moist, rich, dark soils and fresh dark florals. The body is M and the tannins are round and soft. She is a beauty. Ripe, rich; blackberries, black plum, plum, dark cherries, black raspberries & poached strawberries. liqueur notes, sweet tarry notes, dark chocolate, mocha, caramel, baking spices, menthol, warm, moist dark earth, soft leather, dry rock powder, sweet black tea, fresh violets, dark, red florals, perfect round acidity and a rich, round, elegant fruit driven finish that last and lasts. Photos of; Clos E'Lgise and estate vines, signage, Helen Garcin-Leveque and her husband Patrice Leveque and their barrel cellar. Producer history and notes...Clos L’Eglise is one of the older chateaux in Pomerol dating back to the 18th century. The same time the farmhouse that is still in use was constructed. At the time, Chateau Clos L’Eglise was a larger estate. It once had been apart of the Gombaude Guillot. Eventually the estate was split in half. On one side of the street, you had Chateau Clos l’Eglise; which was owned by the Rouchut family. Across the street sat Chateau Clos l’Eglise-Clinet, which was owned by the Mauleon family. After awhile, Clos l’Eglise Clinet eventually changed its name to Chateau l’Eglise Clinet which also simultaneously gave birth to what we know today as Clos L’Eglise. While the wines are now produced by Helene Garcin that was not always the case with Clos L’Eglise. At one point, the estate produced wines under a leasing arrangement held by the Rouchut family. The modern era of Clos L’Eglise began in 1975, when the property facilities were all redesigned and modernized by the Moreau family. The Moreau’s also owned Chateau Plince. The old, non temperature controlled wood tanks were replaced by stainless steel. The vineyards were also expanded. Instead of buying more vines, the owners simply planted land that was being used as a pasture. Imagine now, Pomerol land being used to feed cattle. In the past, the property was planted with a much larger percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon, near 20%. All the Cabernet Sauvignon vines were eventually ripped out and replaced by Merlot. The next step of it's evolution took place in 1997 when the Right Bank estate was sold to Sylvaine Garcin Cathiard by the Moreau family. If the Cathiard name sounds family, she is the sister of Daniel Cathiard, the owner of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. The sale set a new benchmark price for Pomerol when it sold for 12 million Euros! Today that price would be laughable! Prior to 2000, that was considered a huge price for Pomerol. Further investment was needed to replace the aging concrete vats and again modernize the facilities. In fact, the first vintage of Clos L’Eglise made by Helene Garcin was produced at Haut Bergey in Pessac Leognan. Helene Garcin also manages two estates in St. Emilion, Chateau Barde Haut, Chateau Poesia (Mendoza, Argentina) and Branon, which is situated in Pessac Leognan. Helene Garcin was put in charge of the property. She hired Michel Rolland as a consultant and a complete renovation of the facilities took place. Michel Rolland was eventually replaced by Alain Raynaud. Starting with the 2015 vintage, Thomas Duclos recently replaced Alain as the consultant. Their property is nearly 6 hectares. L’Eglise soils are rich clay, gravel and iron. It's located on a sloping hill near Chateau Clinet, Chateau L’Eglise Clinet and Chateau Trotanoy. Clos L’Eglise is planted to 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. On average, the vines are 35 years of age. There is one old parcel of Cabernet Franc that was planted in the 1940’s. Vinification of Clos L’Eglise takes place in 55 hectoliter, insulated, stainless steel tanks. The new steel tanks replaced the oak vats in 2012. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrel. Clos L’Eglise is aged in 100% new French oak for between 16 and 18 months. The property also has a second wine, Esprit de L’Eglise. On average, about 1,200 cases of Clos L’Eglise are produced every year. — 4 years ago

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