Château Corbin

La Spinetta

Langhe Nebbiolo 2019

Drank with Father’s Day dinner of pappardelle bolognese at Corbin & Sons. Nice fruit and complexity with a velvety finish and mild tannins. — 15 days ago

Château Saint-André Corbin

St. Georges-St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2019

Stilll young but quite lovely. — 3 months ago

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Château Grand Corbin

St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend

2019 vintage. Elegant with an intruiging minerality. — 6 months ago

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Château Haut-Segottes

Clos Petit-Corbin St. Émilion Le Clarence de Haut-Brion 2018

Smells tight right out of the bottle through an aerator (as you’d expect). Tastes very good! But, anonymous. It tastes like very good high quality wine. — 10 months ago

Château Corbin Michotte

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2007

Wow… brown hues showing some age, complex nose, hint of oxidation but very pleasant. Mouth feel is amazing. Long finish. — 2 months ago

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Château Corbin

St. Émilion Grand Cru Classé Red Bordeaux Blend 2011

J. Kim

Very high mass, the aromatic energy is slightly suppressed but not dead. Muscular tannins but little mineral density. But with almost ideal balance between the high fruit weight and tannic backbone, the missing mineral foundation does not affect the overall perception of quality too much. There is no overripeness and the oak is perfectly harmonized. — 6 months ago

Château Haut-Corbin

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2000

Nice balance, good berries up front and pepper and a little leather. I felt it could have a little more depth. Ugo liked it more than me. Aged well. Nice treat. — 2 months ago

Ugo Menard
with Ugo

Château Grand Corbin Manuel

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Soft but with character, like a good Red Bank wine should be. Lots of cranberry sauce, blueberry cobbler, and clay aromas with hints of cigar box coming through. Tasty, easy to drink for a Bordeaux, but not as earthy as I'd expect. That said, very solid wine for the price and a good way to trick anti-Merlot Sideways snobs into trying something they claim not to like. — 5 months ago

Petit Corbin Despagne

Grand Cru St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

Blackberry, ripe figs, light minerality, medium - light tannins. Amazing wine to pair with duck breast — 6 months ago