Broc Cellars

Broc Cellars

Love Rosé California Valdiguié Blend

Made significant headway on my to do list today.

A little rose to nightcap the day.

Love this go-to as always. The color in the glass is divine peach blood pink.

Straight juice, bruh… or should I say Broc
— 8 days ago

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Broc Cellars

Solano County Green Valley Valdiguié 2014

I always love this varietal at Broc for a kind of sour watermelon vibe, but to now have that balanced with the bit of age this bottle had - *chef’s kiss* — 11 days ago

Broc Cellars

La Boutanche Red Blend

A vibrant and fruity intense nose hits you immediately, with a equally bold, red fruit forward flavor coming to round out the palate. Very good, easy drinking, if you can find it! — 18 days ago

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Broc Cellars

Love Rosé North Coast Valdiguié Blend 2020

A beautiful rogue and blush hue in the glass. Pink, but not. More amber, more salmon. Lovely flourish of color.

The bouquet is a booze soaked watermelon. 🍉

A picnic 🧺 A river current 🌊

I’m tasked with writing my third installment of my column “Liquid Carriage,” where and how drinks transport us for an online magazine out of Columbia University MFA grads, No Contact.

With the turn in weather, I debated what I should write about. Riesling? Aperol Spritz? Vermouth and soda? Orange wine? But how about pink? How about Rosé?

This one surely would support my angle of debunking the association of Rosé with the label “basic.”

Maybe at some point, the Rosé Americans were accustomed to drinking were majorly lacking in complexity or nuance. But not anymore.

Dry and mineral notes blend nicely with the watermelon pucker medium acidity. Not too overpowering, this hits multiple savory notes. I especially like it’s echo of of freshly plucked dark cherries 🍒 right towards the end note.

Perfect post run thirst quencher in this heat.
— a month ago

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Broc Cellars

Got Grapes Carignan Blend

Easing my way back into reds with this “house espresso blend” style chilled red.

Missed the musky perfume of carignan. Aromas of cedar wood and peppercorns. Black cherries and grapefruit.

Sharp and fruity. Juicy and refreshing. Even a bit astringent, which I kind of like.
— 14 days ago

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Broc Cellars

Koukou Crown Point Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2019

Hint of smoke….bitter(ish) fruit that works well…I enjoy the fact that this is a wine to drink at leisure.
— 8 days ago

Neal Ferry
with Neal

Broc Cellars

Luna Matta Vineyard Picpoul 2018

Still stunning after some aging, with a nose of fresh apple cider and nutty notes, and surprisingly good legs. The color is surprisingly more akin to a Chardonnay, with golden hues, and a crisp apple flavor, medium body, and a lingering minerality of wet stone on the finish. The palate has starfruit, a little fresh papaya, and a gentle acidity. Truly a special wine. — a month ago

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Broc Cellars

Sonoma County White Zinfandel 2019

Colour is reminiscent of Kool-Aid or push-up ice pops. Flavour reminds me of those, too. I’m getting cherry, watermelon, San Pellegrino. Been wanting to try this for a long, long time 🤤 — 17 days ago

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Broc Cellars

Got Grapes Wirth Vineyard Trousseau Zinfandel

Love! First had this at the second wine tasting at Esther’s. Such a great, lighter red drinking wine, but it has a full taste. — 4 days ago

Broc Cellars

Petillant Wine Chenin Blanc 2018

A lovely sparkling Chenin made by my favorite California winery with predominantly apple and citrus notes along with some creaminess and a hint of fresh baked bread. Really delicious. — 24 days ago

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