Barossa, South Australia


Girl Talk Savagnin 2021

A big thank you to Tom Crago for sending over his new Grand Crew wine novel for me to read alongside this beauty of a wine from Tscharke. This ‘Girl Talk’ 2021 is a white blend of Savagnin and Albariño and it’s delicious! It went down perfectly with the first chapter of Grand Crew!

In the glass it’s a refreshing lemon & lime shade. It’s super fruity and aromatic with whiffs of pear, peach, nectarine, florals and a sprinkling of white pepper. It has fantastic flavour with excellent crisp acidity. I need more of this wine. So delicious.

All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy!
— 10 days ago

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Jacob's Creek/Orlando

Double Barrel 2nd Vintage Shiraz 2019

A must try if you like rich, generous and concentrated flavour, with a hint of smooth sweet dark berry and luscious oak. Intense. — 3 days ago


Bin 28 Kalimna South Australia Shiraz 2010

Very oaky on nose and palate. Far more oaky than the Syrahmi Heathcote X Shiraz I had prior to this. Ripe plums, dark chocolate and a little black pepper from a good vintage in the Barossa. This is the first of 6 bottles and will probably have one every 2 years until the early 2030s. A pity the oak is still so prominent after 12 years because the fruit was excellent - just smothered by mocha. Many will still like the style however. — 11 days ago

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Glaymond Wines

The Distance Shiraz 2005

Beautiful Aussie Shiraz. The smell is overpoweringly delicious. Tastes of juicy big fruits and some green leaf/menthol at the top of that fruit taste. Then slowly the tannin reveals itself at the end. Dare I say that this 05 is still a baby? Drinking really nicely now, good for at least mother 10. — 6 days ago

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Christine's Vineyard Grenache 2002

Celebrating my sons 20th birthday paired with Cuban Langosta Enchilado. Absolutely delicious — 2 days ago

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Happy birthday 🎂 🥳 to your son!🍷
Raul Puga

Raul Puga

@Trixie Thank you 🍷


Mount Edelstone Vineyard Shiraz 2005

2nd best wine. I called it Amarone and was shocked at what it was as I’ve had it a few times before. On the sweeter side with massive depth. Big wine with lovely texture. Medium plus finish. — 15 days ago

Brooke Weaver Jakubowski
with Brooke
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Amon-Ra Barossa Valley Unfiltered Shiraz 2006

Bottle Variation

First bottle, 3 months ago, was quite advanced in 👀👃👅, but with no other flaws (no oxidation/spoilage/or TCA taint)

2nd bottle:

Served with the Vinloq System
👀Dark ruby./purple. Youthful
👃Sweet fruit
👅Fruit forward with blurry flavors. Dry tannins with slight heat. Paired nicely with wagyu beef

Remaining wine Slow Decanted in my refrigerator

DAY 14
👃Spicy blackberry, anise, chalk, & dried fruit
👅Purple fruit, anise & chocolate. Not complex but tasty. Finishes spicy with some heat. Balanced sweetness. Lowish acidity. Nice wine 🍷

This second bottle was what I expected. What caused the first bottle to be so advanced?
— 14 days ago

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Joshua Barossa Valley Grenache Blend 2016

An excellent example of a Barossa GSM. A trace of bacon on nose and palate / very savoury. The taste descriptors for Grenache and Mataro certainly on show with notes of raspberry plus charcuterie, earth and tar. Mellow resolved tannins with chocolate nuances make this a delicious wine. — 16 days ago

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St Hallett

Faith Shiraz 2020

Smokey on the nose in this full body Shiraz with a nice finish. — 3 days ago

Grant Burge

Miamba Barossa Shiraz 2020

Well balanced Shiraz. Grab it if it’s on sale. — 2 days ago