Attila Gere

P.A.N.K. (Pálffy Attila Natural Köveskál)

Radikaal Red Pét-Nat

Happy bday to me! — 3 months ago

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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!
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Gere Tamas & Zsolt

Villány Kadarka 2015

Gere Tamas &Zsolt. Kadarka vilkanyi. 2015. Cherries with some complexity. Good length. — 4 years ago

Picco Attila

Delle Venezie Merlot-Refosco 2015

Delicious and delicate. Glad I have 2 bottles! — 5 years ago

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NR1 Homonna Attila Tokaj Furmint 2015

Rob B

First time I have a non “sweet wine” tokaj. It was definitely much less sweet, but still had a hint of thicker “syrup” like mouth feel that sweet wines have — 3 years ago

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Attila Gere

Villány Syrah 2018

Rich but shy aroma, after a little airing there is plum and other black fruits, and a bit of oak. Palate is silky, full and a bit spicy in the end. If it’d be a bit less pricey I would definitely recommend it. — 4 years ago

Weninger & Gere

Cuvée Phoenix Villány Red Blend 2015

John J

Mostly cab-merlot blend, a bit green on the nose but with air opened up with typical cabernet nose, plus hint of rose petal. Palate was red fruits, bit tart. — 5 years ago

Picco Attila

Trevenezie Merlot 2018

Good merlot. Wsj advent calendar. — 3 years ago

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Gere Attila Winery

Titok One Merlot 2008

Merlot/Blaufränkisch. Schön stoffig, lecker — 3 years ago

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Attila Gere

Fekete Járdovány 2017

Beautiful grape, similar to Pinot Noir, smooth, mild fruit forward, nice lingering aftertaste- goes nicely on a Budapest rooftop bar — 5 years ago

Attila Gere

Portugieser Villány Blauer Portugieser 2016

Anything below a 9 is crazy. This is cloudy vampire blood. — 6 years ago

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