Ambyth Estate

AmByth Estate

Amphora O.W. Grenache Blanc 2019

Great orange wine, very refreshing with just a touch of funk that you want, apricot, grapefruit . Almost as clean as a white wine but with touch of orange wine funk  — 4 months ago

AmByth Estate

Hartless Ciders Golden delicious counoise

This is for the AmByth Hartless Ciders 2017 Golden delicious counoise. I wish I could have tried this blind. If this had been poured at Terroir, punchdown, or ordinaries as a natty counoise I’m not sure I would have ever guessed it’s a cider. Fascinating! Tons of tannin and ripe cherry, insane amount of funk throughout. Forest, ocean, farm, and orchard all slammed together yet it totally works. Must try for anyone that enjoys cider and wine. — a year ago

AmByth Estate

Divinus Paso Robles Marsanne Blend 2015

Doooppppeeee skin contact white blend. Savory, little bit of tannin. Tiny citrus and avocado. — 2 years ago

AmByth Estate

GSMC Rose Grenache Noir Blend 2018

Everything you want in an old-world style rose in the new world. Dry, fruity, rustic but so sharp — 6 months ago

AmByth Estate

Paso Robles Syrah 2015

Perfect acidity in this 85 Cab Suave, 15 Surrah!

Notes of clove and juniper, big juice, light on tannin.
— 10 months ago

Andrea Cardenas
with Andrea

AmByth Estate

Paso Robles Counoise

Might be one of my all time favorites. Funky, fun, unique—the 2013 was just superb. — a year ago

AmByth Estate

Paso Robles Tempranillo 2014

Leather, cloves, tobacco, dark and broody with tons of tannin — 6 months ago

AmByth Estate

Amphora O.W. Coquelicot Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Beautiful orange wine made in amphora. Smells like peach jam. Tastes like literal orange juice. — 8 months ago

AmByth Estate

Paso Robles Sangiovese 2013

Love the brightness and acidity — a year ago

Jessica Dean
with Jessica

AmByth Estate

Pine Hawk Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

BlackBerry, peach. Slightly tannic. Nice chilled! — 2 years ago