Alfaro Family

Finca La Montesa

Monte Yerga Alfaro Rioja Red Blend 2018

John Howard

Good, simple style. Gets better after being open for a few days, hence the rating. — 2 months ago

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Palacios Remondo

Viñas Viejas Propiedad Alfaro Rioja Tempranillo Blend 2020

Frisse wijn, mooie zuren, lange afdronk met smaak die blijft ontwikkelen in de afdronk zowel in de lengte alsook in de breedte. — 7 months ago

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Viñedos de Alfaro

Conde del Real Agrado Reserva Rioja Tempranillo 2016

Täyteläinen ja tamminen, loistava pihvin kanssa — 2 years ago

with Veera

Alvaro Palacios

Quiñon de Valmira Sierra de Verga Alfaro Rioja Red Blend 2018

This one has a very intriguing aromatic profile. Rhubarb, Incense, cherries, dried strawberries. It is a very light and delicate style of Garnacha. Almost Nebbiolo like without almost any tannin. Interesting stuff. Only around 4000 bottles filled. — 3 months ago

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Alfaro Family Vineyard Grüner Veltliner 2015

Library offer. Barely holding on; non-descript new-worldy. — a year ago

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Palacios Remondo

La Montesa Crianza Cariñena Blend 2017


There are so many marketing lies to this wine, I don’t even know where to begin. That it’s 95% #Garnacha from vines older than 30 years old! Lie. It sells for 10-11€ in #Spain and then it says that it’s fermented with active yeasts and it’s organic. Okay. Right. They make almost 700k bottles of this wine. Organic treatments and products aren’t cheap. 30+ Old Garnacha needs to be hand-harvested and that’s not cheap. I don’t know anyone spontaneously fermenting more than a half-a-million bottles of anything it’s super risky and then the guy makes it seems like a single vineyard wine because he puts ‘Monte Yerga’ and ‘La Montesa’ but it actually comes from multiple vineyards from 90 hectares! 14% alcohol ? Really Garnacha? From Alfaro? There’s no way in hell. Or he’s adding water or he’s using reverse osmosis which also adds a water-alcohol solution. There’s no way this wine is naturally fermented to 14%! But no way. Then on his description he says ‘Atlantic Influences’!!! There aren’t any Atlantic influences in #riojaoriental #bullshit #marketing — 3 years ago

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Jim Wagonfeld

Jim Wagonfeld

Speak the truth, so few do.

Alfaro Family

"A" Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir

Nice body, astringency that made me think of Blaufrankish — 5 months ago

Alfaro Family

Lindsay Paige Pinot Noir 2021

So very fresh, a hint of seawater under all the brilliant cherry cola notes. Yummmm. — 6 months ago

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Alfaro Family Vineyards and Winery

Trout Gulch Vineyard Chardonnay 2019

Jeremy Shanker

Trout gulch only makes killer wine, I’ve realized. — 2 years ago

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Palacios Remondo

La Montesa Alfaro Rioja Crianza Tempranillo Blend

This is supposedly 97% Garnacha, not Tempranillo. Wonderfully smooth and flavorful. Best Christmas wine so far. Started with $10 Don David, and now up to this for $20. Tonight a big jump to $60 CDP! — 3 years ago

Scotti Chawluk
with Scotti