Éric Texier

Éric Texier

Côtes du Rhône-Brézème Roussanne 2016

That was unexpected fun. — 8 days ago

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Martin Texier

Syrah 2020

got some funk — a month ago

Martin Texier

La Boutanche Blanc


The new sfuso? 1L. $22. Fruit up front. Then dry. Little bit of spice. Bitter finish. Party wine — 2 months ago

Martin Texier

Brézème Syrah 2019

Dried fruit and tobacco. — a month ago

Martin Texier

Vigne De La Chapelle Roussanne 2020

Lots of citrus especially lemon — 2 months ago

Éric Texier

St. Julien en St. Alban 2018

Ultimate wine of the evening. Rich but proportional. — 4 months ago

J.-L. & Éric Kamm

Vin Nature Auxerrois 2019

Reductive upon opening but blew off fairly quick. Nice floral nose, spring bloom and wet granite after a storm. Intense minerality, white blossoms, white nectarine, honeydew melon. Very crisp very delicious!! — a month ago

Martin Texier

Le Preyna Cinsault Grenache 2020

Cherry funk on the nose, funky Belgian Kool-Aid on the palate lol — 2 months ago

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Éric Texier

Domaine de Pergaud Brézème Vieille Serine Syrah 2016

Tannic at this age, but this is clearly an elegant wine that would pair well with rich food. Somewhat piercing blackberry tartness that’s not unpleasant, with rich textured red fruit as well. — 4 months ago