Cullen Wines

Kevin John Margaret River Chardonnay 2011

Excellent, excellent international chardonnay; restraint but the high-toned expected aromatics cleverly crafted; meal, funk, naturalness, citrus, neat on the nose; palate matured more; brulee, nut roast, yum portion, best aspect is the citrus acid softness; #drinknow ; but window is 2013-2017. #cullen #wa #margaretriver #kevinjohn #chardonnay #biodynamic #13point5alc — 5 years ago

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Furion Cellars

The Darks Arts Les Collines Vineyard Syrah 2007

Great #WA Syrah, bold & dark. Tasting dark fruits, licorice, spicy oak. Love! — 6 years ago

Moss Wood

Ribbon Vale Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2011

This is very sophisticated for an Aussie Bordeaux blend; from a great Margaret River vintage but horrible in many other Australian regions; no jam, no lolly, no oak intrusion; just complex earth, forest, mushroom, tobacco and terroir amalgam; palate taut and tasting of the aromas; medium body captures a fine wine; cannot but expect the positive effect of the merlot; #drinkaussie #wa #margaretriver #ribbonvale #mosswood #cabernetmerlot #2011 #bordeauxblend — 5 years ago

Joel Gott Wines

Columbia Valley Riesling 2011

Classy creamy apple and lemon curd nose. Crisp ripe green apple flesh, sweet white grapefruit... bitter lime pith puts an edge on it. Easy win on the QPR. #WA #wine — 6 years ago