Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

Gold hue. Ripe cantaloupe, star fruit, Bosc pear, white flowers, and wet stone on the nose. Buttered popcorn and creme brûlée on the palate. Medium minus acidity. Full-bodied white that pairs well with pecan-crusted halibut, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with a white truffle butter drizzle, and couscous topped with fresh thyme and gruyere. #merryvale #chardonnay #chardonnaywine #newworldwines #hydevineyard #hydevineyardchardonnay #carneros #calichard #malolactic #foodandwine #chardsohard — 8 months ago

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Tolpuddle Vineyard

Tasmania Chardonnay 2012

New Tasmanian wine brand- Tolpuddle AUD 55; #coalriver #tasmania ; shows how new fashioned cold climate chardonnay has moved; #dexterity ; muted chardonnay as with Chablis but without the milky #malolactic aromas; lots of non mainstream chardonnay adjuncts which make it taste compact and coiled; second time tasted; nice to see smoke and herbs instead of peach and sweetness; 13%. — 5 years ago

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