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Single Harvet Tawny Port Blend 1972

The 1972 Single Harvest Tawny Colheita was exquisite, fine and elegant with a finish that carried on for minutes. The complexity was off the charts, I could smell and sip this for hours. A gorgeous wine, this is no doubt the best Tawny to pass my lips. #grahams #colheita #1972 #singleharvest — 3 years ago

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Colheita Porto Port Blend 1965

Incredible nose and last for days on the palate. #port #colheita #1965 — 4 years ago

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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Colheita Porto Port Blend 2013

If you like black cherry and chocolate mashed together this is your way to her it in liquid form, deelish! #colheita #portugal #niepoort — 6 years ago


Colheita Porto Port Blend 1940

April Yap-Hennig

The mini vial of @Kopke 1940 #Colheita was small but when you realize that there are only 375 total bottles made of this 74 year old #Port then you appreciate each drop! — 6 years ago