The Cans of 2022: All That Sparkles

This is, I believe, the fifth round up devoted to canned wines I’ve done. And here’s the thing. In 2018, I noted that bubbles worked “more often than not”. In 2021, five of the seven cans I deemed worthy of writing about were bubbly. So, I said ‘what the heck.’ This year we are going FULL SPARKLE. I’m reviewing canned bubbles because they are always my favorites. Is it because we are conditioned to enjoy bubbles in cans? I am not sure, so I’ll include thoughts on them both in glass and not. I know I’m doing the good Lordess’ work here. Please behold a smattering of favorite canned bubbles. MYRIAD CELLARS I adore the people, and their wines are up top too. Check them all out. Myriad Cellars “Keep Tahoe Blue” Sparkling Rosé Out of can: Juicy-licious but not like, sweet juice, like fresh juice. Finishes with metal you want, like the most satisfying of sodas. Out of the glass: Mango/raspberry/tangerine nose. Dry, delicate bubbs, medium acid, deceptively high abv! Palate mirrors nose but is everything amplified. The fruits, the minerals, the joy, all are present in the can, but on the palate, they really wanna party on. The fruit flavors come across a little riper. A little like they are fruit baskets with flowers on the table…and a sea breeze wafts through. MAKER Super cool company. They work with individual winemakers with a focus on women and minority-owned wineries. I got a six-pack of from them and off the bat noticed that they worked with Handley, an Anderson Valley Winery I have and will keep champion…but as for the bubbles, this particular one caught my fancy. 2021 Maker Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc This one was made by Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines. Also known as the “Sauv Blanc Savant”—he’s the first person in the United States to make a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. I’m not gonna split the review between can and glass because this wine packed such a punch that it was similar out of both—I’m guessing that for a verrrry potent brew the narrowness of the lip on the can holds some of it in. But pour it out, and it gets some air, and that also mitigates its potency? But then I read on the Maker website they actually advise embracing it from a can to preserve the CO2. They have a point, it’s very gentle on the bubbles. It’s grassy and floral and passion fruit-y and just a hint of…animal? But also, honey? Really interesting and complex. HOUSE WINE CO. Keep me away from a rainbow, you cannot. House Wine Limited Edition Rosé Bubbles Out of can: Utter thirst-slaking. Out of glass: Still will kill your thirst (wait is it thirst-slaking or thirst-slaying?) but you also pick up some really pleasant notes of grapefruit and strawberry jam. The biggest of the bubblers—one of the most persistent froths. And money goes to the Human Rights Campaign which works for LGBTQ+ equality. TRADER JOE’S Holy heck, most canned wines are at least three dollars a can. A four-pack of these was about four and change before taxes, and you know what? Totally tasty. I have not been a fan of Trader Joe’s canned wines in the past, but these bubbles work. Party wine, excellent. Simpler Wines Italian Sparking Rosé Out of the can: A touch of citrus and raspberries. Not especially talkative. Out of the can, it’s a thirst-quencher. Out of the glass: All the lemon-y orange-y raspberry notes come through more, with a strong sour finish—almost a kumquat? Very fun, very easy to take in. UNION WINE CO Oregon wine! Union has been a perennial favorite. Ergo I revisited their bubbles, just to be sure. Underwood Oregon Grown Rosé Bubbles Out of can: Potent, toasty nose right out the gate. Simple strawberry and a hint of something refreshing and herbal. Out of glass: Crisp. Lightly bubbly. Creamy texture that almost tricks you into thinking you are getting notes of. Bright red fruit with hints of citrus rind. LINE 39 Oh no, it isn’t in a can shape but it IS aluminum. And bubbly and sustainable and just three ingredients, all listed on the label. I know I’ve for the most part thrown canned reds under the bus, but their Pinot Noir is delightful. I also really enjoyed the rosé/strawberry flavor as well as the Sauvignon Blanc/lemon cans. I know I said they aren’t canned shape, but call them cans I can and I will. Line 39 Pinot Noir For the “on the nose” just take all the “out of glass” notes and add a hint of aluminum, and they are there. There you go. So. Out of glass: Gentle nose, reminiscent of candied wild cherries and roses. On the palate, very gentle on the sparkle. Similar flavors to the aromas, with a lilt of vanilla. Super fun, super fresh. I’d drink it like Kool-Aid. BEV Bev is “made by chicks”, and observing the founder’s talk on her website I am picking up what she’s putting down. She talks about how drinking culture needs to change—people shouldn’t drink to get drunk, or use alcohol as permission to behave badly. I’m into it. Fortunately, I liked the wine too. Bev Glam Sparkling Rosé Out of can (the beautiful, sparkly pink can): I get white peach (like a touch floral) and a bit of honeydew melon. Out of glass: What a pretty wine! With a good head of fizz on it to boot. On the nose, it moves into peach melba territory, with a bit of raspberry and cream. Super creamy on the palate. Oodles more raspberry and strawberry notes and…a hint of white pepper? Try these, do, and tell me your favorite canned bubbles! I always appreciate intel. 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Simpler Wines

Rosé Sparkling Blend

Couldn’t find my picture of this but did have my notes! Shockingly tasty for the price. — a year ago

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Bodkin Wines

Maker Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Wowwww potent! And Maker wines showcase winemakers who are women and/or of color. Even if they didn’t do be sure their wines are quality/ this is potent with hints of honey and also passion fruit and also Sav-B-nature. Super interesting — a year ago

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Cecchetti Wine Company

Line 39 Pinot Noir Spritzer

Bright as can be. I typically am a canned red denier this one makes it work. — a year ago

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Union Wine Co.

Underwood Rosé Bubbles Rosé Blend

Union does solid Oregon pink bubbles. Year after year for a canned wine they do the work. — a year ago

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Glam Sparkling Rosé

Had fun with this one. Wanted it to be against my better judgment but nah, fun is fun sometimes — a year ago

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Original House Wine

Limited Edition Rainbow Rosé Bubbles

Drink the rainbow for an assortment of reasons. — a year ago

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Myriad Cellars

Sparkling Rosé Blend

Playful, tart, but with garrigue intrigue. One of my top canned wines of the year. — a year ago

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