Your Next Wine Based On Your Favorite Stranger Kid

Netflix's Stranger Things is back with season three, and we’ve compiled the most important pairing list of all: your next wine based on your favorite Stranger Kid. Whether you like Eleven’s character growth or Mike’s unwavering compassion, we’re here to help you fankid in style with wines that share similar characteristics. Minor spoilers may be ahead. Eleven (El, Jane Hopper) Even if it means endangering herself, Eleven always puts the safety of her friends and loved ones first. Viewers watched her progress from the innocent and scared lab child in season one to a strong and resolute idol in season three — a glow up for the ages. What better wine to celebrate her character development than a classic Napa Valley Cabernet? A region that has also gone through major growth to become the strong wine contender that it is today. Mike Wheeler Mike has also gone through quite a bit of growth over the past three seasons, but his compassion for his friends and problem-solving skills remain firm. That compassion can be seen from season one, when he offers food and shelter to Eleven with little hesitation, to season three when he realizes with guilt that they’ve been pushing Will aside. But more than that, he’s a fixer — to every problem there is a solution, so we think a glass of a Corsica Bianco Gentile is only fitting. Bianco Gentile is being tested by local winemakers as a grape that may be able to better withstand the problems arising from climate change. Will Byers At times, Will seems like the black sheep of the friend group. He’s quieter, but incredibly creative as seen in his art and D&D campaign (he just wants to play with his friends!!). He’s been through a lot these past few seasons, so while we’re sad to see the Byers move out of Hawkins, we can only hope that he can finally relax. We’d pair his quieter and creative stature with a unique wine — such as a Croatian Amber Wine, a uniquely colored wine that reflects Will’s own individuality from a region that oozes relaxation. Dustin Henderson First of all, we’re *still* not over that Neverending Story duet, and if the passion (and reasoning!) that Dustin devoted into that song doesn’t perfectly sum up his character then we don’t know what will. He may be the goofier one of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less dependable. In his honor, we’re raising a glass of Saint Amour Gamay! That song was simply Amour-ous and it’s hard to go wrong with such a strong and exciting Gamay. Lucas Sinclair Lucas is truly the voice of reason in the group. While at times his pragmatic approaches may come across as stubborn, that’s exactly what makes him so important. Without him as the anchor, the rest of the kids probably would’ve fallen down an elevator shaft by now. His unwavering sensibility deserves a glass of Chianti Classico Sangiovese, a wine that’s good enough to keep bottles three times its price point in check. Max Mayfield While Max is still new to the group having only been introduced in season two, she has certainly made a name (and a place) for herself as their Zoomer. She’s an unconventional girl for her time — skateboarding, putting the boys in their place, and standing her ground. We’ll be pouring a glass of Chilean Carménère as a nod to Max finding her place among these loyal friends. Carménère is a grape native to France but never really took off, but instead, made a home for itself in unsuspecting Chile.

Casa Lapostolle

Clos Apalta Limited Release Carménère Blend 2012

Deep ruby / purple. Black fruits and cassis with nice tannic grip. Nice medium-long finish. — 4 years ago

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Blanc Malvazia

So good. Sees some skin contact so the color is a pretty deep yellow. Tropical aromas of unripe stone fruit, green and white tea, honey and melon. Taste is round and clean, dry. Not a ton of acidity. This is a great easy drinking wine that still has some interesting and unusual elements. — 6 years ago

Silver Oak

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Powerful and bold. Classified as a Cab varietal, it is 78% Cabernet , 11.6% Merlot and 6.7 Cab Franc, the rest is Petite Verdot and Malbec . It is definitely a Napa left bank style Bordeaux. Tobacco and cassis are evident. Long finish and will even be better in a few years. — 4 years ago

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Azienda Agricola Fontodi

Chianti Classico Sangiovese 2013

Balance length. Complexity. Value. Just superb. — 7 years ago

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St. Amour Gamay Noir 2015

What an absolutely wonderful surprise to try this deliciously floral, woody and dare I say slightly sweet Beaujolais Saint-Amour. Since my wine journey began, I slowly felt as though I was approaching a ceiling of flavour somehow; this incredible wine has opened the door to many possibilities to come. — 5 years ago