Yucatán, Mexico

Zopenco Mezcal

Agave Tepeztate Mezcal Artesanal

Sweet grass and smoke this is one of the best Mezcals I have ever had. Found at a farmers market in CDMX, bought one bottle and love every inch of it. The taste is like chewing on those táseles from jackets in the 80’s. Smooth and flavorful. Please seek this one out, when next in Mexico. — 14 days ago

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Cheers! Delicious description!

Gruet Winery

Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay

Love these bubbs! Cheers to two Houston snow days!🥂
I’m a big Gruet fan (
#QPR) , and this wine is my favorite of theirs I’ve had. @Ryan Vento pointed out tonight he prefers the Blanc de Noirs over this because of the prominent green apple notes in this one, but it’s exactly why I love it!
— 19 days ago

Ryan Vento
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Casa Madero

Valle de Parras Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Well, I guess, now we decided to explore the Cabs from Mexico we jumped to the Valle de Parras in central Mexico where you can find Casa Madero. It was their standard Cab. I am impressed. Good back bone, really opened up in an hour and a wave of dark fruit integrated with pipe tobacco. Limited finish and a bit of center at the end. — 4 days ago

Tammy de Weerd
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La Santa Bichi Como Vino al Mundo Tecate Red Blend 2019

Feral, lively Smokey pulp of Muscatel Negro. Preloaded with vials of VA and fresh raspberries, blood orange, and grassy Mezcal. smoke will clear after a day. Quickly morphs into a funky mousey tart punch - some will love, some will think it’s spoiled and toss. I think it’s all part of the fun. — 13 days ago

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Artesanal Suave Reposado Agave

So smooth- great neat — 19 days ago

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Gruet Winery

Domaine Saint Vincent Méthode Champenoise Pinot Noir Rosé

Bubbly rosé from New Mexico. Hell yeah. Love to cross another state off the map. — 9 days ago

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Gruet Winery

Sauvage Zero Dosage Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay

A bit dry for us, but makes a perfect mimosa. — 6 days ago

Bonnie Hodur
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San Luis Potosí Joven Salmiana Crassispina

Casey Curbow

Fluctuated between clear fruit and savory green agave tones. Not the best showing of this particular bottling I’ve had. But for the price, always a notch above the contemporaries. — 22 days ago


El Pet Mex Rosé Blend 2019

A sparkling rosé, surprisingly sweet - more than I’d usually go for, but loved. Immediately triggered memories of those old-time, artificial candied orange slice gummies. Developed a bitterness, orange peel. Juicy, long finish. Sunshine and salty seawater. — 20 days ago

Josh Smith
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Monte Xanic

Valle de Guadalupe Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Very young Cab but already very approachable and easily drinking. Lots of upfront red fruit which surprised us for a cab. Intermixed with blue berry and rhubarb. Very soft rounded tannins. From the Napa Valley of Mexico, Valle de Guadalupe. — 5 days ago

Tammy de Weerd
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