Viticoltori Riuniti

Viticoltori Acquesi

Brachetto d'Acqui

This wine colors up in the beautiful garnet red for which Brachetto is famous, and it has a layer of fine, light violet bubbles atop it, which are quite long lasting. The nose is rich with cherries, strawberries, red currant, flowers and an earthy element - an absolutely wonderful collection of aromas. The palate is sweet with a cherry pie flavor and baking spices, all rolled into a candy treat. The acidity is very nice. While the winery calls this a dessert wine - it is, really - it also pairs nicely with dessert favorites like anisette cookies, chocolates or apricot tarts. — 4 months ago

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Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Bottega Vinai Trentino Lagrein

Yes yes yes. At Haugen with cheese fondue and family on hol in London means I'm bias, but genuinely silky and smooth, ripe and rich, soft dark red fruits. Me likey. — 7 months ago

Cantina Viticoltori Senesi Aretini

Gatto Grasso Vino Rosso Red Blend

color: pale purple
aroma: cherry coke, vegetable garden, minerality
flavor: red cherry, dark berry juice, mirepoix

aroma: med
acidity: med+
body: medium
tannin: med to med+

a juicy summer sipper with solid minerality. not a lot going on, but enough. great bargain, great crowd pleaser. a new house wine.
— 2 months ago

Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Roscato Sparkling Sweet Red Blend

Barely can taste frm covid but this has a hint of sweet I really like. It’s probably sweeter than I think but yum! — 5 months ago

Cantina Viticoltori del Monferrato

Iuli La Rina Barbera

Juice on the rocks — 6 months ago

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Viticoltori Romangia

Sabbia Vermentino di Sardegna 2020


She’s a beaut! this was really spot on with big nose of citrus, hay & a muskiness. On the palate it was tart w/gobs of citrus, saline & minerals. Really fun w/smoked salmon, olives, artichoke hearts, etc. clean refreshing zesty, just delicious — 4 months ago

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Cavit SC Trento (Cantina Viticoltori Soc. Coop. [C.V. S.C.])

Roscato Rosso Dolce Provincia di Pavia Red Blend

Reminds me of muscadine wine, has more depth than a white moscato — 4 months ago

Viticoltori Riuniti

Bordinese Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Bold and smooth. Dark berry flavors. Delicious! — 6 months ago

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Viticoltori De Conciliis

Naima Paestum Aglianico 2009

Reonas home Birthday dinner. Wine brought from Italy. — 8 months ago