Thracian Valley, Bulgaria

Domaine Bessa Valley

Petit Enira 2015

Delicious international wine, soft mouthfeel, dark fruits, so tasty — 2 days ago

Domaine Bessa Valley

Enira Merlot Blend 2015

Complexe, fresh, menthal — 6 months ago

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Castra Rubra

Via Diagonalis Red Blend 2007

Nice balance of fruit and tannin. Black currant notes. Bought on a work trip 10 years ago and nice to finally open and try this. — 8 months ago

Castra Rubra

Butterfly's Rock Red Blend 2009

My second Bulgarian wine. And what a wine! Extremely rich on nose and palate, long aftertaste, frit forward, well balanced. A very pleasent surprise. And fairly priced as well. — a year ago

Rough Day

Thracian Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Good wine for the very low price — a month ago


Danube River Plain Gamza

Very good. Reminds me of Agiorgitico and Chianti. Balanced and dry with high acidity. — 5 months ago

Vinal Winery

Milena Pinot Noir 2015

3.0. Interesting Bulgarian Pinot Noir, with a lovely label. Not much nose, but smooth fruit taste. Not very complex. Regularly $15.99. — 8 months ago

Rough Day

Thracian Valley Unoaked Chardonnay

Enjoying this unique wine one day after an actual rough day. Crisp, effervescent, and mineral. Nice on a humid, late summer day. — 4 months ago

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Imperial Thracian Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

A shockingly good wine! The dark fruit and spicy aromas make this a spended wine to pair with any red meat dish. At $7 a bottle it drinks like a wine 4x it's price. Best bet for BBQ, steak, or pork roast. — 7 months ago

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Terra Tangra

Sakar Mountain Vineyard Mavrud

— 10 months ago