Strathbogie Ranges, Central Victoria

Mac Forbes

RS 8 Strathbogie Ranges Riesling 2015

Lychee or tropical fruit cocktail on the nose, super dry, crisp finish. Delicious and unique! — 4 months ago

Fowles Wine

Stone Dwellers Strathbogie Ranges Shiraz 2009

Blind, no one would know this is Aussie. If they made those little root beer barrels in a cream soda flavor, this would be the model for them. The penetrating acidity keeps this interesting, but only just enough. — 4 years ago

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Joshua Cooper

Doug's Vineyard-Romsey Pinot Noir 2019

@Delectable Wine Back label says
Central Highlands and Ranges
Pinot Noir

Extremely young, it feels like whole bunches were used it.
Crunchy, vibrant even a little too hard.
I reckon it will smoothen down with a bit of time, but I still prefer the Doug''s vineyard.
— a year ago

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Jumpin' Juice (Patrick Sullivan)

Half Full Pinot Blend

When you're drinking singular wine, on the winery itself, while the dude makes fresh pasta for your lunch and you're looking at the excessively pretty scenery of the strzelecki ranges, the rating can only be in the high nines. Viva Patrick and Megan. — 5 years ago

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Ben Walker / Caravin

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always on the pasta. Patsta.

Fowles Wine

Farm to Table Cabernet Sauvignon

Very nice tail! Would definitely drink again! — a year ago

Mac Forbes

RS19 Strathbogie Ranges Riesling 2017

Ripping acidity balancing out the off dry sweetness. Tennis balls and apples. Delicious. — a year ago

Baddaginnie Run

Baddaginnie Run Merlot 2015

Rather big and jammy. — 4 years ago

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