New Holland Brewing Co.

Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout

Okay, just black. Blonde wood/ baked apple hurrah, and then the dark quiet of space, or the grainy expanses of closed lids. The lacing of lazy, wood-boring insects. Such sights have set me to worrying of late. Mornings being a struggle at times, especially after these nighttime wooden cudgels and dark devices. The rack anyone? Coconut on coals. Tar socks. Dried violets. Black strap cola. Scraped vanilla beans, and dark chocolate cookie covered coal. Anise cinnamon and thin mint. Well, that’s the smell of the thing. The mouth below is unsweetened baker’s dark chocolate, blackened iron, vine charcoal, charred bone, hot springs through rubber piping, black sugar, Spanish “chocolate” brandy/black strap rum and graphite/smoke with evergreen suggestions. Not the Dragon of fire and smoke I expected, but certainly a formidable cave monster, living inside a volcano. I particularly appreciated the mineral/ethereal aspect. — 17 days ago

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Deschutes Brewery

The Abyss Reserve Imperial Stout 2015

Jer & Carli brought it Thanksgiving 2019. Love it!!!!! — 11 days ago


Original Series Coffee Stout

Two shots of espresso with soda water — a month ago

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout

Another day of powering through the stash to make room for baby stuffs! Luckily just an 8.3 abv. version of this big turkey. Gulp. Apple-cherry in bourbon compote/mincemeat pie plus Old fashioned/new fangled with a delicious root beer streak and rich vanilla aura softening a coriander prickle. Orange peel and fresh pear bent on being brandy. Coffee candies swim in bourbon syrup, over cooked chocolate pie, and pecan pie under cream. Vanilla throughout. Pleasant enough to softly pull your guard down and adumbrate an evening in warm robes of holiday evocations. — a month ago

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David Kline

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It’s a daunting prospect. I may get through the big beers, but there is plenty of whiskey, spirits and non-vault wine to go!
James Forsyth

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Good luck!!! (And for the baby)
David Kline

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Thanks! Feeling positive all around, and just weeks to go to seal good vintages in this hemisphere. For the baby, of course! Cheers!

Destihl Brewery

Cerise Stout Imperiale

Looks like another über-opaque stout, black with tinges of brown, except up top where a rush of micro bubbles made a ton of macros that left a pretty, light-caramel colored flattop; orange tints. Short streaked and spotted lacing. Dark chocolate covered peanut butter, mocha, black cherry jam thumbprint cookies, grilled pepper steak, fresh toffee. Frankly, the list could go on forever. Aromatic acrobatics. Luxardo cherries under dark chocolate, aged balsamic complexity (think: 40 year), dark, barebones strong coffee with one sugar, Christmas figgy pudding, Barolo chinato, gingerbread, ginger beer, molasses, chocolate bitters. Clove finish delivers on the dry. Amazed as ever with this brewery’s offerings. The profiles scare the hell out of me, but the beers are always sublime. — 11 days ago

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Dogfish Head Brewery

World Wide Imperial Stout

Sour cherry, caramel, coffee, toast, brioche, and spices. Drinks like a fine wine, more savory, chocolate, and dried notes on the palate. A tad sweet. — 22 days ago

Wasatch Brewery

Black o'Lantern Pumpkin Stout

Incredibly flavorful. Perfect for a dark, stormy night. — a month ago

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Ryan Vento

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I feel like I’m in my pre-wine days 🤔 I’ve had to pump the brakes on wine purchases due to extensive traveling the rest of the year, as such I’m having to also limit consumption. Beer it is.

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@Ryan Vento Ryan fun post Cheers 🎃
Sharon B

Sharon B

That would be fun for Halloween!

Dogfish Head Brewery

Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout

Low-action top, and black black. Mocha coffee with a caramel creaminess, and a vanilla shot. Licorice, cocoa nibs, a motor oil sweetness with banana leaf, rosemary, s’mores, and burnt brownie. Here comes the vanilla as advertised, bordering on extract, with a licorice cameo, molasses, brown sugar syrup, heavy tobacco chaw/plug, into an exquisite date reduction. This one plays games with your mouth, plunging suddenly into darkness with feigned, scraping reluctance then rebounds into jimmying oak, giving it super strength. And a fiery melted candy house. — 19 days ago

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North Coast Brewing Company

Barrel Aged Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

Black opaque. Sponge-y headed with a cap of mostly smooth, cappuccino cream glossing. The beer sighs as it pours. Coffee and espresso scents entwine with vanilla, malty chocolate, basil, dark toast, grilled oak, and grilled marinated mushroom. Heavy coffee entry with burnt white sugar, toffee and dark roasted, brittle arabica, soy sauce, bitter notes from peppercorn and roasted pecans, but just enough dark caramel to sweeten it slightly, 100% dark chocolate; drops smoothly in swallow, then surfaces with bitter coffee oils on the finish always remembering its oak. I am very surprised that I have not rated this one yet, as I have had it many times. Now I can say I took a shot/stab at it and drowned the day’s sorrows in its dark robes. — 16 days ago

The Eighth State Brewing Company

Vega Imperial Stout

Joe Carroll

Crazy shit — 17 days ago

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