Sawmill Creek

Barnstormer Winery

Sawmill Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Pretty nice Cab Sauv! I was surprised by this one — 2 months ago

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Barnstormer Winery

Sawmill Creek Vineyard Blaufränkisch Rosé 2019

Unique rosé...floral on the nose. I worry there might be some sweetness but the dry bitter super cranberry in the mouth and finish brings it home. I love this winery... — 7 months ago

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Sawmill Creek Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2017

Absolutely interesting. Serve chilled. It has waves of complex notes. Starting with a nice fruit flavor. Almost no tannin/bitter note - so I see why people don’t love it. But I do - it’s an innovative take on the cab franc — 2 years ago

Brian G

Brian G

To be clear - my review was for the unoaked Cabernet franc - a new release.


Sawmill Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Very dry, herbaceous. Most years one of my favorite Finger Lakes wine. — 2 months ago

Forge Cellars

Sawmill Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

I see that only one other person on Delectable has had this wine (as of right now) and gave it a horrible rating; and, well, they must have had a corked bottle, because this is quite nice. Whoever you are, I urge you to revisit this wine. — a year ago

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Sawmill Creek Vineyards Albariño

A very interesting Albariño- bone dry with a nice round fruit. The fruit has a little hint of the Riesling notes ... very enjoyable and different from any Albariño I’ve had ... in a good way. — 2 years ago


Sawmill Creek Vineyard Dry Rosé Pinot Noir 2011

Sweet strawberry with floral flavors almost like rose. Light and refreshing for the summer when you just need something cold. — 2 years ago

Barnstormer Winery

Sawmill Creek Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2018

Really nice cab franc. Light in color but bold medium plus tannic finish. Has some fruit there black cherry and some leather. This could use a couple more years in bottle to mellow the tannins and let the flavor come through but I’m a sucker for bitter and bitey wines so enjoying it as is now. — 6 months ago

Red Newt Cellars

Sawmill Creek Vineyards Gewürztraminer 2010

BIG nose of honey, melon and wisteria flowers. Strong flavors of lychee, minerals, melon, spices and honey. Hint of sweetness. Lots going on in this white, but even though it is busy, it is well balanced. Pleasantly oxidized with a short finish. Memorable FLX Gewurtz.. — 2 years ago

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Forge Cellars

Sawmill Creek Vineyard Riesling 2016

Cathy Corison

Nice Riesling. Nice acidity. — 2 years ago

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