Salgesch, Valais

Maison Gilliard

Trésors de Famille Cornalin

Nice full-bodied Swiss red wine from the Valais region. Cornalin is an interesting red grape, allegedly from Northern Italy origins. Dark fruits dominate, with a distinctive earthiness and some anise on the finish. Very nice. — 11 days ago

Adrian et Diego Mathier Cave Nouveau Salquenen

Terre Promise Molignon Valais Chasselas 2015

I don’t know if it’s because I can’t get it in the US or if it’s inextricably linked to my fantastic memories of skiing in Zermatt with my family that I love this wine, but I LOVE this wine. It has such a complex flavor profile and such a delightful balance of acidity and fruit that I wish I could drink it every day!!! — a month ago

Simon Maye & Fils

Païen Chamoson Heida 2012

Jaune soutenu
Nez de fruit jaune puissant
Bouche généreuse et ample grasse
Finale sur la pierre chaude
Un savagnin atypique et superbe
— 2 months ago

picolator El Vibro
with picolator and El

Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

Les Bernunes Valais Heida Païen 2015

Robin Gerber

Perfect time to open up this little gem. — 8 days ago

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Jadis Valais Chasselas

With Paula! — a month ago


Valais Fendant

Perfect refreshing compliment to fondue. — a month ago

Domaines des Virets

Saint-Léonard Pinot Noir 2017

Pinot Noir from Valais, Switzerland — 2 months ago

Grand Metral

Apologia Valais AOC 2017

Yummy pre dinner wine at friends in Geneva — 15 days ago

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Rives du Bisse

Valais Syrah

Smooth and light for red wine — a month ago

Cave Caloz (Anne-Carole et Conrad Caloz)

La Mourziere Les Coteaux de Sierre Fendant 2015

I guzzled Chasselas when I was Switzerland years ago so always fun to see it on the list stateside (Fendant is what they call it locally). Delicate citrus and white flower aromas, waxy texture with plentiful acidity and mineral crunch — 2 months ago

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