Dr. Konstantin Frank

Finger Lakes Rkatsiteli 2017

Extremely complex and full of acidity. Aromatics of lemon, Granny Smith apple, basil, wet stones and rubber. The pallet features flavors of lemon pith, peach, green apple and slate. Straw colored and lively. Hint of fruity sweetness on the finish. Nice FLX expression of this outstanding Central European grape! — 11 days ago

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Terra Initia

Rkatsiteli Qvevri

Ashy earthy finish — 3 months ago

Duc Truong
with Duc

Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Rcheuli Qvevri Dry Rkatsiteli 2016

Peach Tea, fig, candy on the nose, very dry and astringent on the palate, tastes like black tea but smells very fruity — 4 months ago

Vine Ponto

II Century Dry Rkatsiteli

Yum. Natural Georgian wine. Amber, so technically white with stem and skin contact. Earthy and delicious. — 20 days ago

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Finger Lakes Dry Riesling 2016

Rkatsiteli is an old grape. Extremely old. It’s mainspring was Georgia and is worth knowing just how flexible and “survivable” these vines have been.
Here’s a cherry that O found on Wiki:
“This ancient vinifera originates in Georgia and is one of the oldest grape varieties.[1] In Georgia, clay vessels were found with seeds of Rkatsiteli grapes which date back to 3000 BC.”

The color is a lemony bit of gold. The nose is bright and laced with melon and touches of peach. The body is a rush of refreshing acidity that round out on the palate in a “zesty fashion” which stamps those refreshing flavors in the back of your mind.
— 2 months ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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Askaneli Brothers

Rkatsiteli Qvevri

Inte så tort som det annonserats. Syrligt och gott. — 4 months ago


Dila-O Rkatsiteli Mtsvane 2018

Skin contact wine at apt 115 — 3 months ago

Bertlani's Marani

Obolziani Dry Rkatsiteli 2015

Amazing small batch Georgian wine from Khaketi. — 4 months ago

Wine Thieves

Kakheti Dry Rkatsiteli 2016

Tart and provocative — 5 months ago

Suki Wessling
with Suki