Riserva Molceo Lugana White Blend 2018

This Lombardian white wine opens with a floral nose, which is quickly joined by the scent of apricots and grapefruit. There is an overriding sense of salinity, with a touch of lanolin as well. On the palate, that salinity comes bursting forth in a nutty, mineral-driven flavor. The acidity is racy enough for shellfish but not sharp enough to hurt the taste buds. If you’d like a wine which comes on like an Albariño and then behaves like a Roussanne before becoming a Sauvignon Blanc, this wine should make you happy. It made me ecstatic. — a month ago

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David L

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Love the review. Sounds fantastic.
Randy Fuller

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It is, David! Cheers.


Montunal Lugana Turbiana 2016

Until now, Ottella Lugana was my favorite Lugana. Let's change that for good. Amazing! I love this wine so much. And the prize is mind blowing. Get it! — 3 years ago


Molceo Lugana Superiore Trebbiano

A fantastic (and rare) buy from @garagiste_wine. Alpine mineral, orchard and stone fruit combine in a powerful, intensely fresh expression of Trebbiano di Lugana. Grapes are aged 25 days in baskets after picking.
DELECTABLE: This is not a blend, 100% Trebbiano di Lugana
— 5 years ago

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Le Creete Lugana Trebbiano 2014

Single vineyard Lugana Turbiana. Delicious. — a month ago



Very nice!! — 2 years ago


Roses Roses Rosato Alto Mincio Corvina Blend

Bay Grape August pick. Very nice mineral rose. — 4 years ago


Prima Luce Turbiana Blend 2002

Giampiero Nadali

2002, Vendemma tardiva. Molto buono, leggera punta di volatile. — 7 years ago


Lugana Trebbiano

Fragrant light — 2 months ago


Ripa Della Volta Valpolicella Corvina Blend

Fruit forward, full.bodied with peppery oak finish love it — 6 months ago


Vigne Nuove Bianco delle Venezie

Fruttato, leggero, delicato — 4 years ago