Mandolás Tokaji Dry Furmint Blend 2010

Zero pre-knowledge and I loved what I discovered. I didn’t realize this had a good nine years of age. It’s also the second Tokaji I’ve opened recently backed by Vega Sicilia. It has a golden copper hue. Concentrated syrup of sour apricots, lychee and starfruit with spiced edges. Canned fruit cocktail and cinnamon. — 7 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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The disadvantage of wine knowledge is that you often know what to expect. I sometimes long back to knowing nothing ☺️ because there are so many surprises
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Peter van den Besselaar I agree but would amend. The biggest disadvantage is the cost of stimulation. Once you discover champagne you’re screwed.


Szamorodni Botrytis Tokaji Furmint Blend 2014


A complex dessert wine, some refreshing passion fruit and other tropical fruits, little raisins, caramel, velvety butter. It easily adapts to the food you pair it with, can be chocolate, vanilla ice cream or fresh fruits. — 9 months ago


Aszú 6 Puttonyos Tokaji Furmint Blend 1999

Cesc & Elisabet H, Sabadell.
— 17 days ago


Tolcsva Mandolas Furmint Dry 2016

very gd 2016 tasted 20 july 2019 almost pinot gris but more tangy — 2 months ago


Mandolas Tokaji Furmint 2016

original like pinot gris — 2 years ago


Late Harvest Tokaji Furmint Blend 2014

Apricot, tangerine, almond. Smooth and thankfully not remotely clawing. — 2 years ago

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5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú Furmint Blend 2008

Tokaji always delivers. Perfect end to a stunning meal at Auburn. — 2 months ago


Tokaji Aszú 4 Puttonyos Furmint Blend 1989

The oldest vintage I’ve personally ever opened. It had kept well, all things considered. — a year ago


Aszú 5 Puttonyos Tokaji Rosé Blend 2005

Such a great Tokaji Oremus Aszu!!! Intense acidity balanced with elegant softness, white flowers notes, honey, crispy, wonderful!!! — 4 years ago

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