Albert Neumeister

Steirische Klassik Gelber Muskateller 2013

Dry and modest alcohol, complex aromatics as you'd expect from a Muscat but very reserved and elegant. More herbal, even pyrazine ish nose than peaches and flowers. Delicious. — 6 years ago

Albert Neumeister

Klausen Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Memos aromático que otros Sauvignon Blanc de Styria. Mineral, seco, una nota citrica. Muy elegante — 5 years ago

Weingut Neumeister

Stradener Alte Reben Sauvignon Blanc

Maybe one of the best Sav ever. Vines date as far as 1937. Everything good about Sauvignon Blanc is in this wine. Vintage 2009 — 6 years ago

Albert Neumeister

Alte Reben Sauvignon Blanc

A very un-Austrian, un-austere, Sauvignon Blanc that would go great with even un-Austrian food — 7 years ago

Bloody liked this

Albert Neumeister

Steirische Klassik Grauburgunder Pinot Grigio 2015

7 July 2016. The Four Horsemen, Brooklyn, NY. — 6 years ago

Albert Neumeister

Saziani Grauburgunder 2012

Delicious. Tasting coconut in this. — 6 years ago