Naked White Chardonnay Blend

Хороший фанк. Ярка кислотность, квашеная капуста, лимон, персик — 2 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Forks And Knives White Blend 2019

🏅 Rating 90/100 (4,0⭐)

From magnum.

Slightly macerated blend of Gruner Veltliner, Neuburger, Sauvignon, Pálava and Riesling. This makes it an easy drinking light orange wine with muscat like aromas of rose water. Chill it properly and enjoy with food as it is exactly what Forks & Knives has been made for.

Drink and don't think.
— 2 years ago

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Weingut Markus Altenburger

Neuburger 2018

„Betont“; Großes Orange-Kino — 3 months ago

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Stephan Lappas

Stephan Lappas

Mega Weine, super Winzer!

Milan Nestarec

TRBLMKR Neuburger

Amazing funky orange from wine + eggs — 3 years ago


Alter Weingarten Gemischter Satz Wagram Müller-Thurgau Blend

Love this Gruner! Clean and crisp, smooth finish. — 3 years ago

Johanneshof Reinisch

Eiswein 1992

Unreal dried apricot. Super rich lacks acid balance — 3 months ago

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Liliac & Kracher

Transylvania Ice Wine Neuburger Pinot Gris 2016

Paired w/vanilla & brown sugar marbled cake, served w/house sweet cream — 2 years ago


Wachau Neuburger 2018

Casey Curbow

A first with Neuberger. Fleshy citrus and subtropical fruit, white pepper, and fresh bouquet garni. A certain depth and complexity from which the respect it’s been crafted. — 3 years ago

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MischKultur Grüner Veltliner Blend 2017

Wine 1/12 (Gemischter Satz)

Nose has pear, wild yeast fermentation, pineapple core, cold orange slice and minor apple cider.

Palate has cooked pear, mild Saison-esque notes, cold pineapple, dry minerality, peach peel, nice acidity and a medium finish.

Once again it is notable that I have made one full trip around the Sun earlier this week. We had our small, social bubble team to the house for celebrating my getting older and somewhat less flexible in advancing age...Whatever will be done when I creast 50? Well, at least it's several years until needing manage that concern.

We enjoyed well-salted Ribeyes (Kinderhook Farm - Valatie, NY, prepared 48h in advance), turning to a beautiful medium-rare after a mere 12m of grill time and smashed, small red potatoes with capers (yeah try it, don't judge me yet). None of the bottles were particularly planned as 'steak wines'; we didn't care as it really was a wine nerd-fest of grapes/regions, from Burgenland, Austria to Brittany, France. Wine and food were on individual plateaux today. This was the vom Boden Spring Experience case, expertly curated by Stephen Bitterolf, and well received by our tasting crew.
— 4 years ago

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