El Tinieblo

Mezcal Añejo

Thats not a black bottle, thats how dark this Mezcal is, in my top 3 — 5 days ago

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Como Vino Al Mundo Tecate Rosa

strawberry and some other stuff, but was already feeling good when I opened it. I remember some salinity (and ...the Alamo) and the ultimate feeling was that I wanted more of it by the time the bottle was empty. — 17 days ago

El Jolgorio

Cuixe Silvestre Mezcal 2014

Typical green and pines flavors, not overly so, smooth with a clean finish. Master Distiller: Ignacio Parada Agave: 13 year A. Karwinskii Bottle: Edition 7. Harvest 2014 Bottle 289/1030 NOM 098X — a month ago

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No Sapiens Como Vino Al Mundo Tecate Dolcetto

So smooth you forget it’s in your mouth, then you forget it was in your glass and you poor some more. Sweet ripe cherry mouth full. — 4 days ago

Hacienda Vieja

Tequila Blanco

smoothest Tequila i’ve ever had! — 12 days ago

Yuu Baal

Espadin Joven Tepestate

Good single Agave Mezcal. Has a lot of muscle and finishes strong. — 17 days ago

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Agave de Oaxaca Mezcal

This stuff takes me back to late nights in Boulder. 😋 — 7 days ago

Alma Tinta

Merlot 2011

Color granate, aromas a frutos rojos maduros, tanino suave y buena acidez con mineralidad — 5 days ago


El Pet Mex Rosé Blend

Earthy in the nose but sweet and bubbly very surprising, sweet, almost could be a desert wine — 18 days ago

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Código 1530

Rosa Blanco Tequila 1894

Rested in Napa White oak, someone on Delectable said it was Harlan Barrels?🤷‍♂️, — 4 days ago

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