La Santa Rosé Blend 2017

I can't believe no one mentioned smoke. Maybe this is a one off santa. This smells like a smoked ham and the fruit is more generous than you'd expect. It's great! Light, tannins aren't offensive and that nose...smoke 😗💨 — 8 days ago

Casa Herradura

El Jimador Hand Harvested Reposado Tequila

Nice strong tequila ! Loved it :) — 17 days ago

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Don Amado Distillery

Largo Mezcal

Smooth with a slight pine finish — 13 days ago

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Angeles Carreño

Mezcal Real Minero Largo 2016

I really like this. Floral and smooth with a pepper spicy finish — 13 days ago

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El Jolgorio

Tobalá Mezcal Agave

Very good, very smooth, savory characteristics but not too strong. Really enjoyable but not super unique. — 11 days ago


No Sapiens Como Vino Al Mundo Tecate Dolcetto

I had no idea Mexico produced wine!!!! This is really really good. The grapes are very young in this 2017. 13% alcohol. Initial palate is almost rip cranberry and raspberry bliss. The mid palate is smooth and light. Vanilla and Cherry kick in next!!!! This is like a fantastic pinot! I do not know what the grapes are. But if I had to guess... it is minimally dry on the finish. I love this wine!!!! — a month ago

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M. Mezcalero Uriel Simental E. Mezcal

Awesome. Light, floral, fruity. Drink in summer, or every damn day — 11 days ago


Listan Red Blend 2016

Smoky and salty watermelon. Delicious. — 17 days ago

Angeles Carreño

Blanco, Tobalà, Largo, Barril Mezcal Real Minero Joven Agave

Spicy up front but in a good warm finishing way. My favorite Mezcal is their 4 blends. Citrus, florals, hint of smoke and a long finish. — 13 days ago

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