Mezcal Vago

Ensamble en Barro

Incredibly well crafted and close to perfect. Savory, floral, spicy & textured. — 19 days ago

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No. 15 Mezcal

Mia likes this. Very clean slight fire pit nose with a light pine balsamic flavor — 25 days ago

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Pierde Almas

La Puritita Verda Joven Mezcal

Gallo Pelion- Downtown Raleigh $11/shot

Smokey, full bodied. Came with a peppered orange. Delicious
— 9 days ago


Listan Red Blend 2016

Celebrating 1-0 Mexico victory over Germany!
As lovely as their performance on the field
— 5 days ago


Flama Roja Como Vino Al Mundo Tecate Nebbiolo

Really interesting tobacco notes in this Nebbiolo. Different but great! — 16 days ago


No. 3 Mezcal 2017

Casey Curbow

SB#3 Tobalá. Description says it all. Elegant balance of fruit, mineral and texture in such an orderly and refined fashion. — 13 days ago

Cuantro Soles


One of the best, and very cheap. — 7 days ago

Jose Cuervo

Reserva de la Familia Añejo Tequila

Fantastic tequila for the best occasions — 11 days ago


La Santa Rosé Blend 2015

Fruit, bright, effervescent — 13 days ago

Finca de la Carrodilla

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Shay A

My in-laws frequent Cabo often and claim that they’ve found some impressive wines from Mexico/Baja region. They enjoy fine wine, so I trusted their opinion and went hunting. This winery is supposedly one of the top wineries in Mexico, and I was able to find the last 3 bottles (at the time) in the US as the winery was sold out. We had dinner with them at my wife and I’s favorite spot in Fort Worth and I surprised them with this wine.

Pours dark and inky. Aromatically, this was a circus bash of red, blue and black fruit. There was also some black peppercorn and cedar. The front and mid-palate were dense...oak wasn’t dominant, just an absolute rush of fresh squeezed fruit. Finish was spice driven. Blind, I would have likely called this a zin/petite sirah blend (but structure kept this from being an overblown, hot, flabby Napa style zin). Very unique and enjoyable. Bravo Mexico/Baja!
— a month ago

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