Distilleria Marzadro

Giare Amarone Grappa Affinata

Airport lounge in Munich. Similar to Armagnac — 10 months ago


Grappa Affinata Gewürztraminer

A very interesting spirit. Highly aromatic, notes of citrus. Very smooth. Complex but approachable given the floral and lifted elements. A superb, three year aged Grappa. — 6 years ago

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Ellen Clifford

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Interesting! Grappa is something I’d never had until a week ago I had some to practice for the WSET Diploma spirits unit. I was surprised how into it I was—need to try more!


Gewurz Grappa - now I’ve seen everything! Love that stuff - has to be aged tho (least for me)


Le Dic'Otto Lune Grappa Stravecchia

Intense, long lasting after taste. A good sip! — 8 years ago


Giare Grappa Amarone

First ever grappa. Needs lots of time to breathe. Reminds me of a brandy with heady notes of caramel, vanilla, cedar, fruits, and a touch of flowers. I don't have a comparison point other than fine whiskeys and brandies, to which, I'd say this compares very favorably.

Gift from boss at work who sourced this from a producer near his family's village of origin.
— 3 years ago


'La Trentina' Tradizionale Grappa

Grappa, the by-product of grape musk after wine production, is vicious stuff. This one though has more smoothness and aromatics that the typical. A pleasant surprise. — 6 years ago

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Giare Grappa Affinata Chardonnay

This Chardonnay Grappa is rich, rounded and aromatic. About as sophisticated as grappas get, especially with the aging that age richness and roundness. — 6 years ago

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La Trentina Barrique Grappa Morbida

Aged Grappa. Caramel notes meld beautifully with the highly aromatic spirit that leans more towards Moscato than any of the other grapes involved in production. Decent stuff. — 6 years ago

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Grappa with Mugo Pine branch...phenomenal! — 8 years ago

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