Shinshu Mars Distillery

Biker Journey 3rd Edition

This is the Mar’s Biker Journey. The nose is what I would call traditional scotch blended nose but I’m no expert on these and a real novice. I get bananas on the nose. Light wood on the flavor, relatively thin and light on the palate. It coats but nothing dominates or punches. It’s a smooth easy drinker. — 2 months ago

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Shinshu Mars Distillery

Iwai Tradition Wine Cask Finish Whisky

Much more peated and very delicious — 2 years ago


Dom Ruinart Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

24 mars 2018 : 50 ans — 3 years ago

Bodegas Juan Ramon Lozano

Mars and Venus Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine from unconventional diner — 3 months ago

Château La Gravière

Entre-Deux-Mers Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2019

Quite nice. For the price. Say it once. Say it thrice. I drank this as I a) tried to avoid eating everything in my kitchen for the what-day-of-quarantine-are-we? day and b) tried to learn to appreciate Fiona Apple. I want to like her so much more but I feel she’ll be like Mars Volta. It’ll be an “okay I’ll let that shuffle choice play” until one day it hits and I’M IN. Maybe.
So lots of citrus and vanilla. Maybe some fake oak things I didn’t like up front but given time and air I appreciated the weight against the punchy greens and acid. Much as I’ll appreciate the slow cords against Fiona’s spoken-word-esque lyrics someday maybe.
But in all truth yeah I like this wine. It coats the mouth and ballasts they soul and has a lot going on for the price. And takes a minute to appreciate but it’s good for an evening.
— a year ago

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Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen

3 Fonteinen Lambikbrouwerij Geuzestekerij

Cuvée Armand & Gaston, embouteillée en mars 2018

C'est une gueuze, c'est "sour", mais c'est équilibré par la richesse des arômes (vieux bois, citron confit, brett) et de la texture. Vraiment excellent.
— 10 months ago

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Domaine Brusset

Les Travers Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne White Rhône Blend

2018 vintage. Bought at Brusset in Cairanne. Drunk 12 mars 2020 at La Genestiere with choucroute. — a year ago

Château de Mille

Grande Réserve Côtes du Luberon Red Rhone Blend 2010

From Apt. At Gastronomie, Domaine de Capelongue, Bonnieux, Provence. Avec mon amour de la vie.18.mars.2019. With agneau. — 2 years ago