Lugana, Brescia


Alanera Rosso Veronese Corvina Blend 2018

Baby amarone. Silky tannins, notes of tobacco, coffee and dried cherry and raisin. Pleasant minerality and earthy tones. Medium-full body, off dry. Made using a similar process to an amarone — 2 days ago

Tenuta Roveglia

Vigne di Catullo Lugana Trebbiano

Delicious, rich, slightly creamy-type flavour. — 17 days ago

Antica Fratta

Essence Franciacorte Róse DOCG 2011

A more delicate Franciacorta Rosé. Rose petal, chilled raspberries, grapefruit and flour. Easy, frothy - like swallowing a cloud. — 12 days ago

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Monte Rossa

Cabochon Brut Franciacorta 2012

Nutty and gratifying - a Franciacorta of breadth and character. Brioche, browned butter, roasted almonds, baked yellow apple. Round, leesy - if Krug were in Italy. — 12 days ago

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San Benedetto Lugana Trebbiano 2016

The smell reminds me of walking into a bakery after bread just came out of the oven. Crispy pear that’s not quite ripe yet. A bit of citrus. Minerals. — 20 hours ago

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Le Morette di Valerio Zenato

Lugana Mandolara Turbiana 2016

Very nice slightly richer Lugana. Almonds, white flowers and fruit. Balanced with sneaky concentration. Had this with a selection of Sushis and it worked nicely with most of them. Think this would go nicely with Risotto — 12 days ago

Ronco Calino

Radijan Franciacorta Brut Rosé Pinot Nero

A lovely, concentrated Franciacorta Rosé. Lavender, tarragon, rosemary and pressed mint. Herbaceous, pointed, and lengthy. — 12 days ago

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Cà dei Frati

I Frati Lugana Turbiana 2016

100% Turbiano from Lugana DOC. Riesling and Albariño fans will love the ripping acidity and kinetic drive on the palate. Smoky flint aromas are quite reminiscent of Sancerre. The most fun wine in today’s tasting, and also one of the best. Incredible value, especially seeing how well these wines age. — 14 days ago

Barone Pizzini

Edizione Satén Franciacorta Chardonnay 2012

The Satèn category of Franciacorta represents Blanc de Blancs at lower pressures, below 5 atmospheres. Pizzini crafts a delicate rendition, with a gentle seductive fizz. Almond dust, brioche, and lemon confit. — 12 days ago

Emily Nixon
with Emily
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Satèn Franciacorta Chardonnay 2011

The best of these rival Champagne for pure quality, without a doubt. I particularly love this 100% Chardonnay displaying intense minerality and beautiful, soft effervescence (Satén= less than 5 atmospheres pressure). Blossoms, stone fruit, hint of brioche. Wonderfully composed, pure and complex vintage blend. — 14 days ago