Lisboa, Portugal

Quinta do Vale Perdido

Vinho Regional Lisboa Touriga Nacional 2015

Sour black plums, blueberries, bergamot, wild mint leaves, cocoa, nutmeg, charred hamburger, granite dust, and lithium grease. The acidity is bright enough to cut down the aggressiveness of the tannins. Balanced but displays character throughout the finish. Everything seems to fall in place on the palate. Strong fruit and solid winemaking. — 12 days ago

Dana Dungan
with Dana
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Christy Fitzgerald

Christy Fitzgerald

Wow great review!!!!

Quinta de Chocapalha

Castelão 2014

yummy, nice layers, similar to Beaujolais, with a touch of spice. — 12 days ago

Casa Santos Lima

Reserva Colossal Red Blend

Very nice. A hint of sweetness with a nice fresh fruit mix pallet Got at Costco $9.99ish — 20 days ago

Jaynie Shorb
with Jaynie

Que Vida

Que Vida Vinho Regional Lisboa Red Blend 2015


Dry, crisp, astringent, and overall a solid medium bodied red with a hint of acrid aftertaste — 9 days ago

DFJ Vinhos

Grand' Arte Lisboa Shiraz 2014

Not acidic ! Very smooth and inexpensive. — 18 hours ago

Casa Santos Lima

Espiga Lisboa Red Blend 2010

Smooth and fruity. Very easy to drink and it went great with a ribeye. — 16 days ago


Lisboa Alicante Bouschet 2017

Full bodied. Dark fruits with a little dusty overtones. Finishes with just a HINT of almost sweet. Damn easy to drink, didn't want to share. Glad I have a 2nd bottle. — 15 days ago

Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Reserva Tinto Collares Ramisco 1969

Shockingly youthful—most who tasted blind guessed 15-20 years old. Earthy, tart cherry, black tea, smokey BBQ, sea salt. Really fun to try having tasted (and loved) more recent vintages — 20 days ago

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Willem Jan Withagen

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Sounds, looks like you had an impresive aged tasting. Nice read.

Casa Santos Lima

Reserva Confidencial Red Blend 2014

Very smooth and well rounded — 7 days ago